Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness Trailer: JVN Is More Than Just Fabulous Hair

If you're a podcast listener, you might already be familiar with Jonathan Van Ness' endless quest to figure out the answers to life's most interesting questions. Since 2015 -– even before "Queer Eye"! — the hairstylist and pop culture personality has been hosting the podcast "Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness." Now, the series is getting its own Netflix makeover treatment, and the first trailer looks fabulous.

"Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness" will follow Van Ness as the grooming expert talks to experts in specific fields, asking burning questions and interacting with each of their little corners of the world. From the trailer, it looks like Van Ness will be covering topics as diverse as bugs, the science of snacking, ice skating, construction work, and gender representation. "I still can't believe that dragonflies have two penises!" Van Ness sings, exemplifying the hilarious enthusiasm that made them the breakout star of "Queer Eye."

A Hands-On Podcast Adaptation

"If you want to let her walk on your hand, that's fine," a man says offscreen while the camera rack focuses from a massive, freaky-looking bug to Van Ness' wide eyes. Aside from that one moment of understandable hesitation, the host seems to be diving headfirst into new adventures in the trailer, which sees them try on wigs, eat bugs, attempt a single axel on ice, and even don a hard hat. Adapting Van Ness' podcast seems like a no-brainer, since physically seeing the host get hands-on adds another layer to the curiosity-fueled series. The show also seems to overflow with special guests and creative bits of movie magic, as when Van Ness talks to a tiny version of figure skater Michelle Kwan in a jewelry box, or recreates the famous "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" photo with former "Saturday Night Live" star Rachel Dratch.

Though the trailer isn't a purposeful tear-jerker like "Queer Eye," it's clear that Van Ness chose topics for this first season that resonate with them, which will make the whole endeavor that much more fun. In the memoir "Over The Top," Van Ness talks about their relationship with some of the topics that come up in the series, including figure skating and food. Despite the fact that these subjects hit close to home, the series looks first and foremost like a delightful, open-minded romp through assorted fields and subcultures: in other words, it's classic Jonathan Van Ness.

"Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness" will premiere on Netflix on January 28, 2022.