Wolf Like Me Trailer: Josh Gad And Isla Fisher Get Freaky In Peacock's Horror-Comedy Series

The first trailer for Peacock's new series "Wolf Like Me" is here, and it looks intense. The series is written and directed by Abe Forsythe ("Little Monsters"). It's officially described as a "genre-bending romantic dramedy," but this first look is heavy on the drama and suspense.

Josh Gad plays a single father whose daughter appears to be dealing with anxiety after her mother's death. Early in the trailer, we see his daughter, Emma (Ariel Donoghue), nervously fiddling in the backseat of the family car. "It's like she's built this fortress around herself so that nothing can hurt her," Gad's character, Gary, says in voiceover just before the pair endure a sudden and nasty car crash.

Wait, Is This A Werewolf Show?

This is where things get strange. The driver of the other vehicle, Mary (Isla Fisher), appears at the scene of the accident and calms Emma down. Gary and Mary soon develop a relationship, but she runs away from him when they're about to kiss. She explains that she has some "baggage," and while it's unclear from the trailer exactly what that is, we think she might be a werewolf.

Hear us out. First, Mary tells Gary's daughter she's been through lots of moments of panic like hers. As the trailer builds in intensity, Gary asks Mary emphatically how her husband died. "We've all got wolves in us," a woman says in a quick clip later on. "You just have to make sure you feed the right one." The trailer ends with Gary shaken and breathing heavily, looking through a narrow slot in a heavy-duty door that Mary seems to have locked herself behind. I'm no expert, but that looks like a good, old-fashioned werewolf cage to me.

The secrets of "Wolf Like Me" will likely drive the conversation around it, but the series as a whole actually looks really compelling beyond its twists and turns. It's great to see Gad as a leading man, and this will be Fisher's first major return to TV since her time on "Arrested Development." While the series has been described as a comedy, the trailer doesn't have a joke as far as the eye can see. Instead, what we can see of the moody, Australia-set series so far calls to mind mysterious, horror-tinged indie romances like Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's "Spring" or Michael Pearce's "Beast." Whether it'll be nearly as good as either of those titles remains to be seen, but this new footage definitely builds intrigue.

"Wolf Like Me" will air on Peacock on January 13, 2022.