The Expanse: Did Amos And Bobbie Do It? [Exclusive]

A lot happened in latest episode of "The Expanse," not least of which was a meaningful conversation between Amos (Wes Chatham) and Bobbie (Frankie Adams) about what really matters when you're fighting in wartime.

Right after that touching exchange, Amos goes off to hit the brothel one more time before heading back to the Rocinante. As he leaves, however, he coyly asks Frankie if she wants to join him. "Join you? Or join you?" Frankie asks. Amos says that either option works for him and we get a close up of Bobbie's considering face before cutting away.

The scene is ambiguous — it could go either way! During my interviews with Wes Chatham and showrunner Naren Shankar, however, I asked them what they thought happened. Read on for their responses.

Schrodinger's Sex Scene

"We left the question open for a reason, because you could make the argument that it goes any way you want it to go," Shankar told /Film, adding that those interested in the answer to this question will get a kick out of the X-Ray short after the season's third episode, where Amos and Bobbie get in a bit of a wrestling match that's rife with sexual tension.

"Something we found in the course of the season was — here's another character relationship we haven't really been able to play with, Amos and Bobbie. They were in season 3 [together], but it wasn't a ton of interaction ... here's another opportunity to play two characters off of each other that we've never seen."

Bobbie and Amos certainly do play off each other, and while Shankar remained coy about whether they the two characters did or didn't do it, Chatham was more straightforward. "Frankie and I both know what the answer to the question is," he said, though he hesitated at first to reveal what he thought.

Eventually, however, he gave an answer: "In my opinion," he said, "she went with him."

Chatham didn't clarify, however, whether Bobbie went with Amos, or with Amos. It's up to the viewers to fill in the blanks as they see fit. I know what my answer is, and I think the X-Ray short with the both of them supports my answer. But each fan can decide which path the two took, depending on who or what they may fancy.

The series finale of "The Expanse" drops on Prime Video on January 14, 2022.