The Matrix Resurrections Won't Kick Off Another Trilogy

The announcement of a legacy sequel to a classic film always comes with a certain amount of reservations from fans, not all of which are completely unfounded. Will the new one tarnish our memories of the original? Is there any chance of recapturing the magic from the first time around? Have studio expectations and audience demands become too much of a focus in the intervening years, watering down the vision of what made the material so great in the first place and leading to a series of new sequels with diminishing returns?

All of these concerns (and more!) surfaced in the aftermath of the announcement that "The Matrix Resurrections" had been officially greenlit, but certain fans will at least be able to breathe a little easier that we're not about to become inundated with a whole new trilogy of "Matrix" films or anything like that. By all accounts, this unexpected fourth film tells the story that was on its mind and challenges viewers to be content with that. Personally, this feels like nothing but good news for those of us who are eager for stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an actual end. Check out the details below.

Completing the Story

For those venturing out to theaters or who are planning on catching the film from the comfort of your own home on HBO Max, perhaps refrain from expecting "The Matrix Resurrections" to conclude with a blatantly sequel-bait ending, laying the groundwork for years and years of return trips back to the Matrix. According to director Lana Wachowski, one last "Matrix" sequel is enough.

In a red carpet interview with the Associated Press (via Comic Book), Wachowski shoots down the idea of any more films in the franchise — let alone another entire trilogy of them. When asked that (apparently) unexpected question, the filmmaker's unguarded reaction is absolutely priceless, first answering with a confounded, "What?" before playfully deferring to the producers of the film off to the side. All that leads up to her very flat answer, which has been included in its entirety below for the sake of clearing up any potential confusion:


Well, there you have it! It's hard to get any more direct than that, leaving us to presume that "Resurrections" wraps up the entire story of Neo, Trinity, and the Matrix. /Film's Chris Evangelista reviewed the film, describing the general feel of the movie as one that should excite anyone who has grown to tire of current, stale blockbuster trends. He wrote:

It would've been incredibly simple to give us a traditional "Matrix 4." Instead, "The Matrix Resurrections" takes its big-budget and runs wild with it. And while there are more than a few stumbles here, any modern-day blockbuster that's this unafraid to subvert expectations is worth celebrating.

"The Matrix Resurrections" comes to theaters and streams on HBO Max on December 22, 2021.