Here's Where You Can Stream Or Buy Every Season Of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" is unique as a "Star Trek" series, because it doesn't follow an intrepid crew as they explore the stars but instead sticks with a space station located next to a crucial wormhole that could change the power dynamics of the galaxy. The series followed Commander Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) as he tries to maintain peace onboard a space station formerly controlled by the Cardassian Empire. The station is next to the newly liberated planet of Bajor, who had been under Cardassian rule for decades, and now a wormhole has opened up. That wormhole connects two distant parts of the galaxy, the Alpha Quadrant and the Gamma Quadrant, and it turns out there's a whole bunch of new baddies in the Gamma Quadrant looking to take over the entire universe. Despite this set-up, "Deep Space Nine" still managed to include many "Trek" favorites, including holosuite episodes, time travel, and even an encounter with the enigmatic Q (John de Lancie).

Though "Deep Space Nine" is sometimes derided as the "soap opera in space" series of "Star Trek," I'll argue that it's the greatest "Star Trek" series ever made. Whether you want to revisit Garak's and Quark's and the rest of the promenade for the dozenth time or this is your first taste of "Trek," here's a guide to everywhere you can stream "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

Where to Stream Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

For fans who want to stream "Deep Space Nine," there are an impressive number of options. The entire series is streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, and Hulu. That's right, you can find all seven seasons of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" on four of the major streaming services. None of the streams are going to be in true HD, as the series has never been upgraded from the compressed video footage that aired on TV in the mid-90s outside of a few sequences that were cleaned up for the making-of documentary looking back on the series, "What We Left Behind." "What We Left Behind" is also available to stream for free, on Peacock, Tubi, and Vudu. 

Where to Buy Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

If you want to purchase "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" instead of stream it, you have options as well! The seasons are available to buy digitally for between $25 and $35 per season on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. The full DVD set will set you back anywhere between $200 and $400, which isn't far from what you'll shell out for all seven seasons digitally. However you decide to put your peepers on "Deep Space Nine," it's sure to be a good time.