The Bruxa's Powers In The Witcher Season 2 Explained

There are many different kinds of monsters in the world of "The Witcher," but one of the most terrifying are bruxae, a unique subclass of vampiric predator. Season 2 of the hit Netflix series opens with an episode featuring one very special bruxa, capable of caring for a mortal despite being a monster. 

Let's take a look at the mysterious bruxa of "The Witcher" season 2, their powers, and just who that mysterious wall-crawling woman in the first episode is within the greater "Witcher" universe. 

Warning: Spoilers for "The Witcher" season 2 after the cut. 

A Vampire with A Beautiful Face

In the first episode of "The Witcher" season 2, Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Ciri (Freya Allan) need a place to stay after long days of traveling through the forest. Geralt calls on an old friend, Nivellen (Kristofer Hivju from "Game of Thrones"), and he agrees to let them stay in his sprawling mansion for the night. Nivellen has changed a bit since Geralt saw him, as he's been cursed to look like a beast for the rest of his days. He also says that he's cursed to be alone, though he has a "cat" that lives in his attic. 

That cat turns out to actually be a bruxa, Vereena (Agnes Born), who rescued Nivellen one day when he was lost out in the cold. The two share an unusual bond, and fall in love despite their appearances and monstrous behavior. While Nivellen's appearance is monstrous, he doesn't share his lover's ferocious appetites, which leads to serious problems for them both. 

A Bruxa Who Can Love?

Bruxae are powerful higher vampires who are capable of walking in sunlight. Like other vampires, however, they are still vulnerable to silver, wooden stakes, and fire — though decapitation is usually the best way to end one for good. They feast on the blood of the living and have rows of razor-sharp fangs with which they rip open the throats of their prey. They also have long, talon-like claws with which they can rend flesh. The most dangerous thing in a bruxa's arsenal, however, is her voice. They are capable of screaming powerfully enough to knock a grown man flat, and can even render their victims temporarily blind. 

Vereena is an especially unusual bruxa, because she falls in love with someone whom she originally intended to be her prey. Their tragic romance fits in brilliantly with the dark fantasy world of "The Witcher," though its ending is certain to scar the young Ciri for some time. She saw the humanity within the monster, and is beginning to realize that the lines between good and evil are often blurred. 

Fans of the "Witcher" game series might recognize the bruxae, as there is a romance option in the first game to have a romantic encounter with several of them. Just call Geralt the new Jonathan Harker, I guess. 

"The Witcher" season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.