Neo Still Knows Kung Fu In This Matrix Resurrections Featurette

Keanu Reeves is doing it all these days. As if it wasn't enough to earn the accolades of practically every director he's ever worked with, put it on his own shoulders to turn "John Wick" into a big original franchise, and most recently talk up his interest in reprising his underrated "Constantine" role once more, the "Matrix" star most recently earned even more goodwill (if that's possible at this point) for thumbing his nose at the NFT crowd. Amid the absolute peak of our collective Keanu infatuation, it couldn't be better timing for "The Matrix Resurrections" to ramp up its marketing even more ahead of its release next week. This latest featurette for the film is ostensibly about the controlled chaos and action that co-writer/director Lana Wachowski stuffed into this new film, but in actuality, it mostly feels like a two-and-a-half-minute reel showcasing just how great Keanu Reeves is. Check it out below.

The Matrix Resurrections Featurette

"I still know kung fu."

From Keanu Reeves' lips to our ears! If the cast of "The Matrix Resurrections" is any indication, then the production of the film will be the only thing that can rival actually watching it in terms of sheer enjoyment. From blowing up cars to elaborate hand-to-hand fight sequences to complicated stunts involving multiple helicopters, Lana Wachowski made up for lost time in between the (supposed) conclusion of "The Matrix" in 2003 with "Revolutions" and the release of "Resurrections" later this month by upping the ante with the action.

"Action is a way to express character," Reeves remarks with his usual boyish excitement. This one perceptive statement sums up the time-honored approach of the best, most effective action directors in the business. By sidestepping the use of a second unit entirely (who typically are responsible for filming action set pieces in most mainstream blockbusters), the renegade director is breaking from convention with "Resurrections" and ensuring that every second of the film — from philosophical dialogue to typical "Matrix" exposition dumps to, yes, the copious amounts of action — will bear the mark of her unmistakable, distinctive fingerprints. Whether the film proves to be a crowd-pleaser in the same vein as the 1999 original or divides audiences who expected one thing and receive something else entirely, devoted fans of the visionary filmmaker can at least rest assured that the movie will be nothing but pure, unfiltered Lana Wachowski.

"The Matrix Resurrections" shoots, kicks, and energy-blasts its way into theaters and HBO Max on December 22, 2021.