Servant Season 4 Coming To Apple TV+, Will End The Series

Ahead of its third season premiere in January, Apple TV+'s "Servant" has been renewed for a fourth season that will be its last. The dark series by M. Night Shyamalan follows two new parents, Dorothy and Sean (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell), who hire a young woman (Nell Tiger Free) to take care of their son, Jericho. Of course, since this is a Shyamalan joint and nothing can ever be normal and fun in a Shyamalan joint, Jericho isn't a real baby. Instead, he's a lifelike doll recreation of an infant–one that may or may not be cursed.

A Four-Season Plan

"Servant" is one of Apple TV+'s first original series, and has been delivering sickening thrills since 2019. Shyamalan took to Twitter to announce the renewal and the series' inevitable conclusion, thanking fans along with the show's cast and crew. He explained that the series has always been structured for four seasons, saying, "I set the goal to tell 1 story in 40 episodes knowing there was no guarantee we would achieve it. It was a huge risk."

Apple TV+ head of programming Matt Cherniss chimed in about the series' conclusion as well, celebrating the global response to the "unsettling, twist-filled universe that M. Night Shyamalan has created," per The Hollywood Reporter. Although season 3 hasn't even aired yet, Cherniss is already hyping up the final batch of episodes, saying, "we can't wait for everyone to see what's in store as this gripping mystery takes another surprising turn in season four."

Nightmare Fuel Is A Finite Resource

Across the span of its first two seasons, the show has revealed Jericho's stomach-churning backstory and grown more complex and shadowy with each passing episode. "Servant" serves up cults, murders, supposed miracles, and some of the most beautifully shot food horror this side of "Hannibal." Lauren Ambrose is the series' highlight, playing a parent who teeters between denial and derangement perfectly. The show has also given its fourth costar, Rupert Grint, an expanded role recently as Julian, Dorothy's brother who becomes party to the family's spiral into darkness.

"Servant" is eerie as hell, but four seasons is probably just long enough for it to freak us out without wearing us out. The new trailer for the penultimate season, which quite literally gave me nightmares last night, promises even more thrills. "Servant" season 3 will debut on Apple TV+ on January 21, 2022.