Billions Season 6 Trailer: Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

If you're already going through "Succession" withdrawals ahead of this week's season 3 finale, you're in luck: that other premium cable series about evil billionaires will be back soon to fill the hole in your heart. Showtime's "Billions" just dropped the trailer for its sixth season, which will debut January 23, 2022.

The latest season of "Billions" sees Corey Stoll's Mike Prince taking over as the show's Big Bad. Damien Lewis, who played shady hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod for five seasons, has stepped away from the series. Paul Giamatti's U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades is still around, though, banging down the door to a member's only club with a full police force at his back.

Billions Season 6 Trailer

Much of "Billions” is about making power moves, and this trailer outlines some of the key moves that will make up the latest season. Prince seems to be teaming up with Danny Strong's character, Todd Krakow, in a push to bring the 2028 Olympics to his town — probably with ulterior motives. This incenses Rhoades and makes his ex, Wendy (Maggie Siff), suspicious.

"It's not one billionaire," Rhoades says in voiceover, talking about the rotten apples he's after. "It's the billionaire class. I'm gonna get 'em where they live." The show has always been about the particular type of white collar crimes that fester in America (earlier seasons were directly inspired by real events), but Rhoades' latest "eat the rich" sentiment mirrors current social movements in a way that makes "Billions" feel more relevant than ever. Rhoades has apparently fully taken up the populist mantle, hopping on top of a car to yell through a megaphone and leading a chant of "take back our streets."

Mmm, Rich People Drama

Of course, Rhoades himself isn't spotless in the eyes of his enemies. Later in the trailer, he says he has no skeletons in his closet, but we see quick flashes of him with a dominatrix that indicate otherwise. There's plenty more intrigue captured in these few minutes of season 6 footage, too, from a cheeky gun-cocking sound effect that pops up when Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon) brings up "the way of the gun" to the shot of a cannon firing that ends the trailer with a literal bang. All of this borders on melodrama, but the series' trailer is just tongue-in-cheek enough to make it work.

Eagle-eyed viewers will spot plenty of other signifiers of wealth and corruption in these brief clips, from Krakow's ostentatious painted portrait, to a party where women squirm on the knees of rich men, to a stadium named after Governor Sweeney (Matt Servitto). This trailer is basically an endless nesting doll of rich people drama, but that's exactly what makes it great.

The sixth season of "Billions" will premiere on Showtime on January 23, 2022.