BoJack Horseman Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg Released A Cut Joke About David Fincher (For Charity)

Yesterday, "Bojack Horseman" creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg spoke up for a good cause, with hilarious results. Initially, the showrunner tweeted a thought about Dave Chappelle's controversial Netflix deal. "Still mystified that apparently Dave Chappelle's deal is that he says whatever he wants and Netflix just has to air it, unedited," he tweeted.

Bob-Waksberg asked whether it was normal for comedians to get carte blanche control over their final product, citing a time Netflix pushed back against a scene Bob-Waksberg himself wrote about David Fincher in the first season of "Bojack Horseman."

Support For Trans Lifeline

After his followers began responding to the tweet, Bob-Waksberg decided to turn it into an opportunity to make a positive difference. He proposed that he would share the deleted David Fincher scene if 100 different people donated to Trans Lifeline. Within hours, followers met his goal, sharing receipts totaling over $2000 in donations to the trans-led charity that provides a resource hotline and direct support to transgender people.

Bob-Waksberg has long-since been an exceptionally thoughtful presence on Twitter, but this move is especially nice to see. It would've been easy to make the conversation entirely about "Bojack Horseman" (a show that's frankly always worth talking about), but Bob-Waksberg instead chose to focus on Netflix's inability to properly address Chappelle's ongoing transphobia.

Meet David Fincher, Bojack-Style

"Good pushback and feedback (if it's good!) makes art better and if you as a network don't know how to give it, you might as well be throwing your money down the toilet," Bob-Waksberg said in a follow-up tweet. For its part, Netflix has not only responded inconsistently to Chappelle's behavior in recent months, but also just announced that Chappelle will perform at their upcoming Netflix Is A Joke comedy festival.

In the end, Bob-Waksberg revealed the David Fincher scene as promised. He concluded that Netflix may have simply cut the joke because it wasn't funny enough, but that's debatable. Check out the full script excerpts above, and try not to laugh out loud at the idea of Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) affectionately calling the "Seven" director a "skinny b***h" before cracking a "What's in the box?" joke.