The Marvel Comics Character You Missed In Hawkeye Episode 4

If you've seen the latest episode of "Hawkeye" on Disney+, you're likely raving about that wild cameo on the rooftop. I won't spoil it here, but a familiar face finally makes their highly-anticipated return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to catch up with Clint Barton. However, there was also another appearance by someone else from the Avenging Archer's past that some fans may have missed.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead for that second appearance. The first cameo will remain unspoiled. 

Sound My Barbaric LARP Over The Roofs Of The World

This probably-not-anticipated cameo surfaced when Clint (Jeremy Renner) and Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) need to track down their trick arrows. For one reason or another, he no longer has access to more of them, so the duo need to find the ones they used during their epic car chase with the Tracksuit Mafia in order to beef up their artillery. Thankfully, Clint was able to determine that the arrows are being kept in an NYPD facility near the Manhattan Bridge. And he recently met some NYC cops and firefighters who might be willing to help him.

That's where Kate and Pizza Dog jump into action ... by meeting the LARPers in the park.

Once Hawkeye finishes his friendly chat with Kazi, he returns to Kate's aunt's apartment to find the guild of LARPers making cookies and fitting Kate with some lovely hand-made armor. Officer Wendy Conrad (better known as Elsbeth of Deepdale in the LARPing community) joins the party shortly thereafter with trick arrows in hand. In exchange, Kate and Clint must provide materials to the guild so they can make new costumes for themselves. Seeing an opportunity to improve the Hawkeye brand (trademark pending), Kate also asks them to make two more costumes as well.

Drop The Bombshell

And there she is. If you missed it again, the character in this week's episode from Hawkeye's past is Wendy Conrad. While she may be a cop played by Adetinpo Thomas in the MCU, Wendy is a mercenary in the world of Marvel Comics. Better known as Bombshell (just like what MCU Wendy's wife embroidered on her bag), she specializes in explosives and (I swear, I am not making this up) juggling.

Created in 1983 by Mark Gruenwald and Elliot Brown for a Hawkeye solo series, Bombshell was hired by Crossfire to kidnap the titular hero with the help of Oddball and The Silencer. After her first plan of dressing up as a nun in order to get close enough to Barton to break his arms so he couldn't use his bow and arrow didn't play out successfully, Wendy and her team known as The Death Throws used her explosive gauntlets and other incendiary weaponry to capture Hawkeye and Mockingbird. In the end, the two Avengers escaped and lived to fight another day.

Throughout her history, Bombshell aligned herself with a number of teams. Aside from her crew of criminal jugglers, she also associated with The Femizons, an all-female team of supervillains, The Hero Killers, who targeted Spider-Man and the New Warriors on behalf of Justin Hammer, and a terrorist organization called RAID, who reunited the Death Throws for more juggling-related crimes around London.

A Possible Heel Turn?

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe opted to change up Wendy Conrad from a juggling assassin to a mostly law-abiding LARPer, it's unlikely that we'll see a villainous turn from her on "Hawkeye." But it was still fun to see a lesser known character from Clint Barton's storied past from the pages of Marvel Comics pop up in a small way. However, if Hawkeye and Kate Bishop fail to bring her beloved embroidered bag back from battle, who knows what Elsbeth of Deepdale or her wife is truly capable of?