Jennifer Lawrence Had To Explain The Meaning Of G.O.A.T. To Meryl Streep In The Most Charming News Of The Day

The cast of Adam McKay's latest satire "Don't Look Up" has been on the press circuit the past couple of weeks. Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, and Jonah Hill star in McKay's film about scientists discovering a comet on a crash course to Earth, but the general public and political officials deny its severity. On Monday night, while appearing on "The Late Show," Lawrence explained a comical generational misunderstanding while working with Streep. She stated that she had been calling Streep GOAT but the legendary actress misunderstood the compliment as a commentary on her age. However, literally personifying being the greatest of all time, Streep didn't seem to care either way. The fellow Oscar winner explained:

"We offhandedly call Meryl the GOAT [the greatest of all time]. And we were doing a photoshoot and I said something like GOAT and Meryl kind of said, 'That's right. Just tell the old goat where to go.' I was like, 'Meryl, you know that GOAT means greatest of all time, right?' And she was like, 'Oh, no!'"

It sounds pretty adorable and Lawrence recalls the story with humor, love, and mild humiliation. Check out her interview below as well as her transparency about the tedious CGI used on the film thanks to a particular snack gone awry. 

Jonah Hill also commented on the slang misunderstanding while he was on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon. He revealed that he had been calling Meryl GOAT for about a week while doing press but she didn't address it until days later. Hill explained, "Then today, we're doing a press conference and she's like, 'You know, Jonah is so comfortable with me, he's been calling me a goat all week.' And I'm like, what the f***?'" He continued, "Jennifer Lawrence explained to her. [Meryl] was telling Jennifer about this — and she's so cool, she wasn't even offended by it! She was just like, 'I guess he like loves me and is calling me a goat.'" [Streep] was like, 'Hey, thanks for calling me the GOAT. I thought you were calling me a goat this whole time." You can see more with the clip below:


I love hearing stories like this about stars because it not only humanizes them but it gives me the relief of knowing that I'm keeping up with the lingo that many of my fellow millennials are using these days. When I think of the GOAT, I usually think of Michael Jordan but when it comes to the film world, Meryl Streep is the ultimate. This cinematic queen has earned a record 21 Academy Award nominations (winning three of those) and a record 32 Golden Globe Award nominations in which she won eight. That level of success is hard to even fathom, especially when Streep's acting looks so natural and easy. She's also been nominated for a Grammy because of course she is able to sing as well. To top it all off, she uses her platform for good and stands up for what she thinks is right. Streep takes proper advantage of her fame and success by trying to give back and speak up on matters that she is passionate about. 

Also, her films are amazing whether they are serious drama pieces or campy comedy. I can't tell you how many times I've put on "The River Wild," "Death Becomes Her," or "She-Devil" for a comfort watch and some light-hearted laughs (don't judge me, y'all). In McKay's "Don't Look Up," Meryl plays President Janie Orlean and, based on the trailer, it looks like she is going to be bring her sass and class to this new film which tackles an age of scientific denial surrounding climate change.

"Don't Look Up" hits theaters this Friday December 10, 2021 and arrives on Netflix on December 24, 2021.