Eternals Star Lia McHugh Teases Deleted Scene With Sprite And Dane

Lia McHugh played Sprite in Marvel's "Eternals," and she's got a treat for us. On Instagram, McHugh teased a possible deleted scene between Sprite and Dane Whitman (Kit Harington, aka the guy who appeared for about five minutes, was surprisingly cool about meeting his girlfriend's ex of thousands of years, and was really there just to set up the after-credits scene). Spoilers ahead for "Eternals," which should be obvious, but hey, spoilers have been a part of this film since the second the premiere let out

As you may recall, Sprite is one of the Eternals who is assigned to watch over Earth and battle the Deviants, but not interfere with anything else. One of her special powers is illusion. Poor Sprite is trapped in the body of a child for some reason, and though she does occasionally use her power to make herself look older, she's never going to really age. She's in love with Ikaris (Richard Madden), who isn't in love with her. Sure, maybe the whole issue could have been solved with an ongoing illusion, or the fact that the other Eternals know she's not a kid, but maybe it doesn't extend to touch or something. Sorry. It's been bugging me since I saw the film. 

'King Arthur Did Have a Crush on You'

Anyway, in the post, we see a still image from the "Eternals" shoot. Sprite and Dane are looking up at something, while director Chloe Zhao stands between them. The caption reads, "What are we looking at?" Someone helpfully added the comment "*Harry Styles doing the Adore you dance*" and now that's all I can think of. 

Sprite seems to be in the first outfit she wears in the modern portion of the film, which means this would likely have been early on in the story. /Film's own Hannah Shaw-Williams pointed out that this shot appears to be in the Natural History Museum in Oxford, England, though in the film it's supposed to be London's Natural History Museum, where Dane Whitman works. 

Though we don't know the details, it's possible that this was a scene where Sprite explains the history of the Eternals to Dane, and she's taking him around the museum to show him bits of their past after he learns what's going on. One thing that she could potentially have shown him was the dagger she gifted to a human boy 7000 years in the past, which was shown to be part of a museum exhibit about pivotal objects from history. Despite their policy of non-interference, the Eternals have undoubtedly left traces of their existence; this very large gang of aliens has been on Earth for a long time, and stuff gets accumulated, you know? I could fill a museum with just the things I have in my junk drawer at home, and I suspect I'm not alone. There's also that ring that Sersi (Gemma Chan) gives Dane from his family. Oh, and a certain sword called the Ebony Blade that Dane checks out in the after-credits scene. 

There are two other pics in the post, but they don't seem to be related to the scene, and the first pic is the only one that looks like a shot from a monitor. What do you make of it all? Let us know @slashfilm!