Everything We Know About Netflix's BRZRKR So Far

Keanu Reeves is on the record as saying he's "always wanted" to play Wolverine, but has indicated he's too old to bring the semi-immortal superhero to life. (As though everyone isn't well aware that Reeves is secretly a centuries-old vampire masquerading as the nicest guy in Hollywood.) So, in-between eating sandwiches on park benches, he went and did what anyone who really wants to portray an X-Man would do: he co-created his own comic book series about an unkillable warrior battling his way through the ages. With Blackjack! And, well, you know how the rest of the meme goes.

The comic in question, "BRZRKR," hales from Boom! Studios and sold over half a million copies of its first issue before it was even published in March 2021 (making it the biggest-selling debut issue in the last ten years behind Marvel's relaunch of the "Star Wars" comics in 2015). Reeves collaborated on the comic with co-writer Matt Kindt, artist Ron Garney, and colorist Bill Crabtree. Surprising no one, movie studios quickly came a-knocking after that, with Netflix announcing its plans for a live-action "BRZRKR" film and anime series the same month the comic hit stores. Here's what we know about the movie adaptation so far.

When and Where to Watch BRZRKR

"BRZRKR" will stream exclusively on Netflix after (most likely) receiving the now-customary limited two-week theatrical run the streamer reserves for its most noteworthy original movies. Reeves only just wrapped production on "John Wick: Chapter 4" and will reprise his role as the eponymous, unstoppable assassin in the already-confirmed "John Wick 5" when filming begins in the foreseeable future. He also needs to finish promoting "The Matrix Resurrections" and make the press rounds for the fourth "John Wick" and his mystery voice role in the animated film "DC League of Super-Pets" next spring, all of which ought to keep him busy until the second half of 2022.

Reeves should finally have an opening in his schedule at that point, presumably freeing him up for the "BRZRKR" movie (which he's attached to star in). That would put the film on-course to reach Netflix in either 2023 or 2024, pending any unexpected obstacles. But again, audiences will either be seeing or, in the case of "Super-Pets," hearing Reeves on-screen plenty between now and then.

What We Think BRZRKR Will Be About

The "BRZRKR" comics revolve around "B," a fellow who, at a passing glance, seems ordinary enough. In truth, however, his name is Unute (a word meaning "tool" or "weapon"), and he was born to a tribe of nomadic people 80,000 years ago after his parents prayed to their gods for a weapon to use against their enemies. Unute has spent the millennia since then fighting his way through a never-ending wave of adversaries, leaving a blood-soaked trail in his wake. But, as you would imagine, he's come to regard his immortality as more of a curse than a blessing and, by the time he's working for the U.S. government in the present-day, is all-too ready for the sweet relief of death.

It seems the "BRZRKR" movie will hew closely to the plot of its source material, judging by the film's synopsis. And if the comics sound like a mashup of elements from "The Old Guard" (another graphic novel that's been turned into a Netflix Original), the "John Wick" movies, and the "Wolverine" franchise, that's because they basically are. As is always the case, though, it's the way "BRZRKR" executes those familiar tropes that has resulted in mostly positive reviews from comic book critics.

What We Know About the BRZRKR Cast and Crew

Reeves will star in the "BRZRKR" film adaptation as Unute, which only makes sense since, as you've no doubt noticed from looking at the comics' artwork, the character was modeled after his likeness. He's also serving as a producer on the movie with Boom! Studios' Stephen Christy and Ross Richie, as well as Reeves' Company Films' partner Stephen Hamel.

Beyond that, Reeves confirmed to Collider that "BRZRKR" will be rated R (no shock there; its source material is practically dripping red with bloodshed and ultra-violence) and has Mattson Tomlin working on its script. The latter previously wrote Netflix's R-rated super-powers thriller "Project Power" and is acting as showrunner on the streamer's "Terminator" anime series, so he's clearly in his comfort zone adapting an adult-oriented, violent story like "BRZRKR." No stranger to comic books, Tomlin also had a hand in penning "The Batman," although it seems he may only receive story credit for Battinson's big screen debut.