Star Wars Bits: Kathleen Kennedy, Galactic Starcruiser, Knights Of The Old Republic, Dark Horse Comics, Life Day, And More!

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Kathleen Kennedy Extends Her Lucasfilm Contract
  • Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Preview
  • Physical Re-Release of "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic"
  • Marvel's upcoming "Star Wars" comics
  • And More!

Kathleen Kennedy Extends Her Lucasfilm Contract

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has committed to another three years as the head of the company. The news comes Matthew Beloni's newsletter for Puck where the former Hollywood Reporter editorial director mentions Kennedy's deal with Lucasfilm has been extended, keeping her in place as president until at least 2024.

"Kennedy has a lot of good things happening at Lucasfilm, and I'm told she recently re-upped her deal for another three years."

While Lucasfilm nor Disney have made public statements, Kennedy's husband, movie executive Frank Marshall, retweeted a tweet from /Film's own Eric Vespe about the news of her extension, seemingly confirming it:

Kennedy's slate of upcoming "Star Wars" projects includes "The Book of Boba Fett," "Obi-Wan Kenobi," "Andor," "The Bad Batch" season 2, "The Mandalorian" season 3, "Ahsoka," "The Acolyte," "Lando," "Rangers of the New Republic," "A Droid Story," and "Rogue Squadron" in addition to several untitled films that are being developed by Taika Waititi, J. D. Dillard, and Kevin Feige.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Preview

Scheduled to open at Walt Disney World in 2022, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser offers an immersive two-night experience where you're the hero of your own "Star Wars" story. recently visited Walt Disney World Resort for an early look at the luxury cruise experience and what awaits passengers aboard the glamorous Halcyon

In the words of Ann Morrow Johnson, executive producer and creative director for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, it's a piece of immersive theater, coupled with a signature dining experience, and select elements of a standard cruise. 

"Taking place between the events of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' and 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,' the cruise "inhabits a pocket of time when the Resistance is still rebuilding itself to defend the galaxy against the First Order threat."

Walt Disney Imagineering's Scott Trowbridge says that Chewbacca and other legacy characters make an appearance during the two-day immersive excursion, including Rey. in addition to returning characters, the experience introduces new faces and droids, including the Resistance sympathizer who commands the Halcyon, Captain Riyola Keevan. There's also Sammie, a stowaway from Han Solo's home world of Corellia who serves as a mechanic on the luxury liner. 

"What he lacks in skill he makes up for in charm and enthusiasm, convincing passengers and other crewmates to help when the Chandrila Star Line's jewel needs a tune up. Plus, he speaks Shyriiwook, which could come in handy if a Wookiee happens to find his way onboard." 

There's an onboard boutique that allows passengers to dress up like their favorite "Star Wars" characters, including official Twi'lek headtails and Togruta montrals.

"Although passengers are welcome to come decked out in full cosplay from the moment they step foot into the Launch Pod, a ship's boutique, The Chandrila Collection, will feature a variety of pieces that can be augmented with professional makeup artists."

For more on the upcoming Walt Disney World experience, check out! If you're looking to immerse yourself further into the world of Galactic Starcruiser, the 

Halcyon will appear in the "Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy" 5-issue miniseries from Marvel, as well as Justina Ireland's "Star Wars: The High Republic: Mission to Disaster," George Mann's "Star Wars: The High Republic: The Battle for Starlight," and Daniel José Older's "Star Wars: The High Republic: Midnight Horizon."

A Physical Re-Release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

BioWare's beloved 2003 roleplaying game "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" is getting a physical re-release. Limited Run Games recently announced that they'll be releasing physical copies of the game in mid-2022 for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Preorders are now open and will last for six weeks until 11:59 P.M. ET on Sunday, January 2, 2022. There are three editions to choose from: the Standard Edition, the Premium Edition, and the Master Edition. While the Standard Edition, the other two options are available for both Switch and PC.

The Standard Edition, which is only available for Switch, comes with just the original game, while the other editions (available for Switch and PC) offer a variety of accessories, including a reversible poster, concept art cards, and commemorative coin.

BioWare Re-Releases The Old Republic Trailers in 4K

Speaking of BioWare and republics that are old, the developer is re-releasing the original cinematic trailers for "Star Wars: The Old Republic" — the 2011 MMORPG — in celebration of the game's 10th anniversary. Check out "Deceived" above and the rest of the 4K trailers on YouTube.

Marvel's Upcoming Star Wars Comics

In "Star Wars: Darth Vader" #20, written by Greg Pak with art by Raffaele Ienco, sees Sabé — a former handmaiden of Queen Amidala of Naboo — return as Vader looks to destroy Crimson Dawn. You can check out the cover and official synopsis of the issue at, as well as first looks at other Marvel "Star Wars" titles coming in early 2022, including "Star Wars: The High Republic" #14, "Star Wars: The High Republic" #15, "Star Wars: The High Republic — Eye of the Storm" #2, "Star Wars: The High Republic — Trail of Shadows" #5, "Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy" #2, "Star Wars" #21, and "Star Wars: Crimson Reign" #2.

Dark Horse Comics & Lucasfilm Reunite

Speaking of comics, Dark Horse Comics is heading back to a galaxy far, far away in 2022! The publisher of classic titles from 1991's "Star Wars: Dark Empire," 1998's "Star Wars: Mara Jade – By the Emperor's Hand," and 2005's "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" and "Star Wars: Purge" has announced a new line of comics and graphic novels that will expand the "Star Wars" galaxy like never before. has the scoop:

Beginning in the spring of 2022, experience adventures in every era, from the High Republic through the rise of the First Order, with new and exciting stories produced in collaboration with Lucasfilm and Disney Worldwide Publishing. "The idea is to build up a Star Wars program that includes an on-going series as well as an anthology," says Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics founder and CEO. "Mixed in would be one-shots and specials. We'll see where we go from there. Initially, we will focus on stories featuring the High Republic."

Lucasfilm Celebrates Life Day with New Merchandise

Life Day — the Wookiee holiday tradition that celebrates family, joy, and harmony — was on November 17, and announced the first-ever official Life Day merchandise, available this holiday season in Disney Parks and on The line includes a Chewbacca plush in a festive red robe, an orb-shaped mug, and more. Check some of the collection at, and look for additional Life Day items including apparel and more at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Park!

Star Wars: Hunters Gameplay

"Star Wars: Hunters," the upcoming competitive arena combat game, has entered soft launch and we've got our first look at gameplay courtesy of The Star Bazaar. Here's the synopsis:

"Set after the fall of the Galactic Empire, "Star Wars: Hunters" will connect players in real time to battle in arena settings inspired by iconic Star Wars locales. Compete as daring bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion and hold-outs of the fallen Empire in an action game that immerses you in fast-paced and visually stunning Star Wars conflict."

From Zynga and Lucasfilm Games, "Star Wars: Hunters" will be available free to download for the Nintendo Switch, on the App Store and on Google Play in 2022.

New Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures Episodes

"Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures" has new episodes devoted to the fearsome rancor (see above) and the loveable tauntaun!

Star Wars: The High Republic Show

On "Star Wars: The High Republic Show," host Krystina Arielle catches us up with the latest High Republic news!

"Krystina chats with ILMxLAB on their new High Republic themed tale in Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge – Last Call, and meet the characters from Marvel's Trail of Shadows. Plus, we meet the editors behind all of your favorite books: Mark Paniccia, Fawn Lau, and Elizabeth Schaefer."

This Week! in Star Wars

And finally, on This Week! in Star Wars, host Kristin Baver gives us the lowdown on all the latest news from that galaxy far, far away!

"This week in Star Wars, we step aboard the Halcyon and get new details on Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, Dark Horse Comics returns to the world of Star Wars, and get an exclusive look at the cover of the upcoming novel Star Wars: Brotherhood. Plus, we celebrate the Wookiee holiday called Life Day."