Ethan Hawke Gets Intense In New Clip From Abel Ferrara's Zeros And Ones [Exclusive]

Lionsgate has provided /Film with an exclusive clip from "Zeros and Ones," the intense new thriller from acclaimed director Abel Ferrara ("Welcome to New York," "Bad Lieutenant") which is scheduled to hit select theaters, Apple TV+, VOD and digital on November 19, 2021 before it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD January 4, 2022. The film stars Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke ("Training Day," the "Before" trilogy) in the dual roles of JJ and Justin, along with Cristina Chiriac ("Tommaso") as Laughing Russian agent and Valerio Mastandrea ("We All Fall Down") as Luciano.

Hawke is a fascinating actor who always makes eclectic choices when it comes to his career. He'll appear in mainstream fare like "The Magnificent Seven" or "The Purge," then go off and shoot quirky indie projects like the Chet Baker biopic "Born to Be Blue" or Paul Schrader's "First Reformed." Pairing him with the controversial Ferrara almost seems like a no-brainer, since they are both known for taking risks and making less commercial fare. Hawke has a few broader projects on the horizon, including teaming up again with his "Sinister" director Scott Derrickson for the early 2022 horror movie "The Black Phone," Robert Eggers' Norse epic "The Northman," the Marvel Studios' Disney+ series "Moon Knight" opposite Oscar Isaac (you can hear his voice in the recent teaser), and as part of the ensemble in Rian Johnson's mystery sequel "Knives Out 2" starring Daniel Craig.

'We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident'

In the clip Hawke gives a manic whispering monologue as Justin, the grizzled imprisoned brother of the film's protagonist J.J., bringing a similar crazed energy to his recent performance as abolitionist John Brown in the recent miniseries "The Good Lord Bird."

Here is the official synopsis:

"Ethan Hawke ('Training Day') and director Abel Ferrara ('Bad Lieutenant') join forces for this gritty, tense political-thriller set on one deadly night in Rome. Called to the city to stop an imminent terrorist bombing, soldier J.J. (Hawke) desperately seeks news of his imprisoned rebel brother, Justin (also Hawke), who holds knowledge that could thwart the attack. Navigating the capital's darkened streets, J.J. races to a series of ominous encounters, hoping to keep the Vatican from being blown to bits."

Written and directed by Ferrara, "Zeros and Ones" is produced by Diana Phillips and Philipp Kreuzer, alongside executive producers Alex Lebovici, Danny Chan, Brent Guttman, Don Young, Robert Pessell, Barry Brooker, Stan Wertlieb, and Ryan Black.