Jennifer Coolidge Will Star In Ryan Murphy's The Watcher TV Series For Netflix

I don't know if Netflix has Ryan Murphy chained to a computer somewhere or if the prolific television creator is just an ambitious workaholic running from a dark past, but the man can't stop pumping out Netflix Original TV shows. His newest project is "The Watcher," a recently announced series that tells the story of a married couple who buy a home, only to be harassed by a mysterious and menacing figure who eponymously calls themselves The Watcher. Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale have already been cast as the couple in question, but Jennifer Coolidge's name has now been attached to the upcoming series as well.

This story might sound like it's straight from Murphy's twisted mind — he is the same person who brought as "American Horror Story," after all — but it's actually based on a true story and a subsequent long-form piece of reporting by The Cut, also called "The Watcher." If this is the first you're hearing of any of this, I implore you to read The Cut's reporting, as it's a very affecting story that cuts to the core of what it feels like to be frightened (and, you know, watched) in your own home. The Watcher's long-term obsession with this New Jersey home (and the family that lived inside of it) is quite the saga, and it's hard to imagine someone better suited to dive into the uneasy tale than Murphy, who has years of experience in horror and drama.

Somebody's Watching Me

With a story this intriguing and off-kilter, it will be interesting to see what role Coolidge takes on. Will she be the reporter breaking the story? Will she be the former owner of the watched house? Will she be a neighbor/suspect? There are a ton of characters involved here and I have no doubt that Coolidge would excel at any of them, but man it would rule if she was The Watcher. Let her go full evil! I want to see her pull some Penn Badgley "You" moves and completely terrorize Watts and Cannavale.

But Coolidge doesn't need me to go to bat from her. She's straight off of HBO's wildly successful "White Lotus," which has her returning for season 2, plus she has three movies coming up, including an adventure movie, a rom-com, and a holiday film. There's no news on when "The Watcher" will begin production, but we hope Coolidge has time to fit it in around her incredibly busy schedule. 

And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she is indeed The Watcher. You can steal that idea if you need to, Ryan. I aim to please.