Party Down Is Partying Again In A Starz Revival Series Without Lizzy Caplan

"Party Down" is party back ... And I'm very sorry I typed that out and then someone published this piece and now you're reading it, but once that phrase burrowed into my head I couldn't not type it, so here we are. I mean, you read the headline, "Party Down," the delightfully misanthropic sitcom about caterers in LA trying to break into the biz is coming back to Starz for a third season! More than a decade after season 2 aired we're diving back into the lives of our favorite sad cater waiters. Well, most of them anyway.

A majority of the wildly talented cast has agreed to jump back in their old roles for season 3, including Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, and Megan Mullally. Unfortunately, Lizzy Caplan, who played the struggling actress and Scott's love interest, Casey Klein, will not be reprising her role due to scheduling conflicts caused by her work on FX's adaptation of "Fleishman Is In Trouble." 

Party On

Despite Caplan's absence, it's still exciting to hear that all of these incredible comedic actors are coming back together, and it makes me wonder how they'll deal with a lack of Casey Klein. Will she be too cool and famous to hang out with the crew of Party Down catering? Will everyone else be too cool and famous to hang out with her? Will she be killed off? Who knows!

Beyond the core cast members, co-creator Rob Thomas is also returning, along with executive producers Paul Rudd, John Enbom, and Dan Etheridge. Scott will also be fully double fisting his "Party Down" experience and will be returning as an executive producer on top of resuming his acting role.

So far, the "Party Down" revival is only slated for six episodes, which is significantly shorter than seasons 1 and 2, both of which were 10 episodes long. It makes sense when you consider that almost every actor in the original "Party Down" is now more famous than they were when the series premiered in 2009, but it definitely feels a little scant.

Production is slated to begin next year, and while we'd bet some pretty serious money that this will definitely be the last season of "Party Down," Starz hasn't specifically confirmed that, so maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful new "Party Down" era. I mean, probably not, but we can all dream, right?