Disney+ Series Nautilus Finds Its Captain Nemo In Shazad Latif

Disney's next live-action adaptation of a classic tale is gearing up to be one of their most interesting projects yet. After many studios have attempted to bring Jules Verne's novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" to life over the last several decades with little success, the studio is now putting a fresh spin on familiar ground. Disney last adapted the story of Captain Nemo and his intrepid submarine back in 1954, but "Nautilus" is set to dive deeper into the mysterious captain by exploring his origin story. The initial announcement of the project promised a much more modernized and faithful retelling, which has now come to fruition with the much more culturally-appropriate casting of Nemo himself. Check out the details below.

Meet Captain Nemo

Over half a century after Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," the studio once more has its eyes set on doing proper justice to Jules Verne's famous 1870 adventure novel about the obsessive captain. Our last update on "Nautilus" provided the information that this adaptation would take the form of a 10-part live action series rather than a feature film. Even more excitingly, the original report described the project as, "An Indian prince robbed of his birth right and family, a prisoner of the East India Company and a man bent on revenge against the forces which have taken everything from him, Nemo set sail with his ragtag crew on board the awe-inspiring vessel, battling foes and discovering magical underwater worlds."

That mission statement has been followed up with action, as Deadline reports that Disney has cast South Asian actor Shazad Latif as Nemo. Latif, who is of Pakistani, English, and Scottish descent, is very familiar among "Star Trek: Discovery" fans for playing Ash Tyler. He has also appeared in an episode of "Black Mirror," "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," and has portrayed Dr. Henry Jekyll in "Penny Dreadful." In addition to his lead casting, Deadline also brings news that Michael Matthews will direct the series. Matthews previously directed "Love and Monsters" and is already a known quantity among Disney after having joined their live-action "Merlin" production. As previously announced, the series will be written and executive produced by James Dormer and begins production in Australia in December.

Executive producer Johanna Devereaux previously stated that "Jules Verne's story is a beloved classic all around the world. It's a huge privilege to bring the Nautilus and her crew to life again in such a bold, exciting way, with a diverse team of creative talent and on-screen characters. The series will be breathtaking, action-packed and a huge amount of fun." Keep an eye on /Film for more updates on this project.