Baymax Trailer: The Big Hero 6 Character Gets His Own Spin-Off

It's been more than seven years since "Big Hero 6" combined the worlds of Marvel and Walt Disney Animation on the big screen for the first time. The movie performed well at the box office, pulling in over $657 million worldwide and inspiring a sequel TV series called "Big Hero 6: The Series" which aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD for multiple seasons until coming to a close early this year. But Disney isn't done with the "Big Hero 6" world just yet: instead, they're doubling down with a new series called "Baymax!" that's coming to Disney+. Check out the first trailer below, which reintroduces us to the lovable title character.

Baymax! Trailer

Don Hall, the director of "Big Hero 6," created "Baymax!", which he previously referred to as "a continuation of the movie" which allows he and his team to explore more of the futuristic megalopolis city of San Fransokyo. That city, a stylish hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo, was one of the coolest aspects of the original film, so I'm glad to see it used as the setting in this show.

When this show was first announced at the Disney investor day presentation last year, Hall explained that "the series really focuses on Baymax's original protocol, which is to be a nurse robot." Each episode is going to introduce a new character, who will be a patient that Baymax will ultimately try to help. Hall also explained that Baymax will have a "new feature which will allow him to quickly travel around the streets" of the giant city "looking for patients." This trailer shows that three of those patients: an older woman who seems to have a bad back; Aunt Cass, the cafe-owner aunt of the film's protagonists, who sprains her ankle; and a young elementary school girl (whose ailment is not hinted at in the trailer).

Historically, animated Disney shows have been made by the Disney Television Animation department, which created shows like "DuckTales," "TaleSpin," "Recess," and much of the One Saturday Morning block of animated cartoons. But this show is different. Along with the upcoming "Zootopia+," "Baymax!" will be among the first television shows to be produced by Walt Disney Animation, the branch of the company that has previously been responsible for the studio's highly touted theatrical animated feature films. That means we should be able to expect a level of quality here that we haven't seen in non-theatrical Disney animated projects to this point. Although, as the coffee cup gag in this trailer indicates, your mileage may vary.

"Baymax!" will arrive on Disney+ sometime in early 2022.