'Baymax!' And 'Zootopia+' Animated TV Shows Coming To Disney+

During today's Disney investor presentation, Walt Disney Animation president Jennifer Lee (Frozen, Frozen 2) announced that the studio's first ever animated series will be coming to Disney+. It's called Baymax!, and it centers on the beloved character from the filmĀ Big Hero 6. Not far behind will be Zootopia+, a short form series which concentrates on some of the supporting characters we saw in the original Zootopia film.

Don Hall, the director of Big Hero 6, created Baymax!, which he calls "a continuation of the movie" that allows them to explore more of the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. "The series really focuses on Baymax's original protocol, which is to be a nurse robot," he said. Each episode will introduce a new character, a patient who Baymax will ultimately try to help. Hall also explained that Baymax will have a "new feature which will allow him to quickly travel around the streets" of the metropolis "looking for patients." The series will be on Disney+ in early 2022.

Meanwhile, Lee introduced us to Zootopia+, which will be overseen by directors and creators Trent Corey and Josie Trinidad. This show "takes a hilarious look at some of the animals we only briefly met in the Oscar-winning film," like Frou Frou and that sloth from the DMV. Weirdly, this series will also include looks at fictional shows within the Zootopia universe, like "The Real Housewives of Little Rodentia," "So You Think You Can Prance," and a show dedicated to sloths. This show will arrive on Disney+ in Spring 2022.