Enchanted Will Finally Be Available To Stream On Disney+

Can you believe that it's been almost two years since the Disney+ streaming service first arrived to great fanfare and immense popularity? With the upcoming Disney+ Day fast approaching to mark the second anniversary of the launch, the studio is pulling out all the stops to ensure that there's even greater cause for celebration — even if that means buttering up new and returning subscribers with a nifty little deal to coax some more sign-ups. But aside from promotions and the promise of sneak peeks at new and exciting projects on the horizon, Disney is finally dangling a carrot that has long eluded many fans over the years: namely, the long-overdue streaming release of 2007's "Enchanted," the modernized and well-regarded fairy tale reimagining that has so far only ever been available online to rent or buy. Keep your promos and fancy new footage, Disney! This is the only motivation anyone truly needs to finally sign up for Disney+.

That's How You Know!

Though many assumed that the launch of Disney+ meant that every title under the studio's vast umbrella would immediately be made available for streaming, several pre-existing deals made years beforehand made that dream impossible. Among the many casualties of these pesky copyright situations was "Enchanted," the Disney princess musical starring Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon, Patrick Dempsey, and James Marsden. We here at /Film haven't exactly been shy about recommending that 2007 musical/comedy or questioning why it has never been made available for streaming on Disney+ ... until now, that is. As part of the festivities surrounding Disney+ Day, the studio all but buried the lede in announcing that of the many Disney originals that would be coming to the streaming service on November 12, 2021, one of them would be the live-action/animated musical fantasy romantic comedy film "Enchanted" and all its assortment of catchy songs.

At least part of the reasoning behind this specific timing may be to increase awareness of the "Enchanted" sequel that Disney currently has in the works, titled "Disenchanted." The film wrapped production just a few short months ago and was announced as a straight-to-Disney+ original film, so the timing of Disney+ Day couldn't be any better. While we anxiously await for the streaming debut of "Enchanted" (and, sure, all that other stuff too), refresh your memory with a look at the synopsis of the original movie.

In the fairy-tale land of Andalasia, pretty young Giselle frolics with her woodland pals, and falls in love with the handsome Prince Edward, but when Giselle arrives at the castle to marry her Prince Charming, his evil stepmother sends the princess-to-be to a place where there are `no happy ever afters': New York City. Cynical divorce lawyer Robert comes to her rescue, but can Giselle find her way back to her true love?