Everything You Need To Know About Those Eternals Cameos

There's a lot of exciting Easter eggs and surprises scattered throughout Marvel's "Eternals," but it's during the post-credits scenes where things really ramp up.

Fans have been eager to learn what lies in store for them during these scenes (there's not one, but two!) almost as much as they have been waiting to just get in there and see the movie as a whole. The Marvel fanbase has been interested to see what writer/director Chloe Zhao has done with Jack Kirby's source material, especially after her work on the Oscar-winning drama "Nomadland." And while she brings her unique style to the MCU, she's very much playing in a familiar sandbox. These sequences do exactly what you want out of a Marvel post-credits moment.

Here's what you need to know about those post-credits cameos, including their comic book history and who plays them. 

Naturally, major spoilers lie ahead.

Pip the Troll, Voiced by Patton Oswalt

Pip shows up in the post-credits scene to bring a message (in the form of a person, see the next section) to Thena, Makkari, and Druig on their ship, the Domo.

In the Marvel comics, the character of Pip was exiled from his kingdom and caught in the middle of a conflict between Adam Warlock and his evil double, Magus. He went on to befriend Warlock, who will be played by Will Poulter in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3." Pip got involved in many universal conflicts over the years, and was even embroiled in Thanos' quest to find the Infinity Gems (in the Marvel comics, not the movies). During this quest, Pip gains possession of the Space Gem.

As seen in the film, Pip's main superpower is the ability to teleport himself and others across vast distances. He can also locate anyone, no matter where they are — a leftover effect of his time with the Space Gem. He also has superhuman strength.

So, that brings us to who plays Pip. The CGI character is voiced by none other than stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt. The "King of Queens" alum and "Ratatouille" voice actor even teased that he might appear in the film with a tweet on November 4:

Starfox, aka Eros, Played By Harry Styles

That message I mentioned above? It's in the form of this dashing dude, Starfox, who visits Thena, Makkari, and Druig on the Domo to tell them where their friends — Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos, who had been summoned by the Celestials to answer for their betrayals — can be found. Undoubtedly, this will play into the plot of the next "Eternals" film.

The number one detail to note about Starfox from the comics is that he is Thanos' brother, which obviously makes him an important character just by association. But the thing about Starfox — whose given name is Eros — is that he and his brother are complete opposites in almost every way.

Starfox is a nonchalant, easygoing ladies man in the comics who doesn't take things too seriously and is all about the good life. His brother, on the other hand, is fixated on death and operates underhandedly throughout his page time in the Marvel universe — definitely not a guy who is looking for a good time.

Eros has powers comparable to an Eternal: superhuman strength, speed, the ability to fly, manipulate gravity and matter, and even regenerate. However, he is also known for his unique psychic ability, which allows him to stimulate the pleasure centers of people's brains. This causes them to feel aroused or euphoric — and he can even sedate them with the power.

So yeah, his abilities are basically a manipulative mess, but the Eternal tries hard to be a good guy and help where he can. That said, his powers have caused tension with teams he's been part of, including the Avengers.

As for who plays Eros, you may have heard (or seen) by now that the character has been brought to life by One Direction alum Harry Styles, who made his screen debut in 2017's "Dunkirk." He is also starring in the upcoming psychological thriller "Don't Worry Darling" and the upcoming romantic drama "My Policeman." There have been rumors of Styles circling this part since 2019, but confirmation of his part in the MCU came after the premiere of "Eternals" on October 18. And quite frankly, it's inspired casting — who is better suited to play the universe's greatest ladies man than Styles?