Do You Like Scary Breakfasts? Then You'll Love This Official Scream Cereal

I scream, you scream, we all scream for... "Strawberries & Scream"! A new cereal just dropped, timed to the relaunch of "Scream" franchise as it celebrates its 25th-anniversary and looks forward to the release of a new film, in January 2022. Who needs popcorn when you could curl up on your couch with a scary movie and some delicious, murder-themed breakfast cereal?

The UK company Cereal Killer (their actual name, not a change made just for this collaboration) is teaming up with Paramount Pictures to celebrate the bloody return of Ghostface. Legend has it serial killers love cereal — just like franchise fans love collectibles!

The cereal box features Ghostface creepily peering through the shadows from behind a bright bowl of strawberry sequel. But if you think the infamous "Scream" killer is the scariest thing about this announcement, then you're sorely mistaken. Here's what Cereal Killer had to say:

This isn't just an amazing cereal, the Collectors box is the first ever talking cereal box! You'll know what your favourite scary movie is once you get your hands on a box of Scream Cereal!

That's right, folks, this cereal box talks to you! No details yet on how or what it could possibly say, but we're guessing a "press me" button will unleash the low, threatening voice of Ghostface, speaking classic lines like, "Do you like scary cereal?"

The Scream Franchise Lives On

Thankfully, the official "Scream" cereal isn't just a box of sharpened kitchen knives. It's actually edible! And has no intent of murdering you! According to the description, "this Strawberries and Cream Flavour mallow cluster, is packed with a strawberry and cream punch and loads of strawberry jelly bits, with whole dehydrated marshmallows." 

Along with being a tasty treat, this cereal would also help you fend off Ghostface — just pull a Sidney Prescott and throw it directly at the villainous murderer to slow him down. The two seconds it'll buy you aren't much, but worth it to see him stumble! The "Strawberries & Scream" cereal is launching around the time of the fifth movie's release, so for now, you can join the mailing list for updates.

The fifth movie in the franchise, also titled "Scream," picks up 25 years after the first. Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) returns to Woodsboro once again, but this time she's ready for a fight. After surviving multiple brutal murder streams (four movies' worth!), Sidney is back to save a new generation from the masked killer, who's now targeting a group of teenagers. As usual, she's joined by Dewey Riley (David Arquette) and Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox). 

"Scream" is set to arrive in theaters on January 14, 2022.