A24 Is Auctioning Wild Old Movie Merch To Benefit Vidiots Foundation

Film fans who have a little bit of extra dough to spend who like very bizarre and obscure movie memorabilia are in luck. The folks at A24 are gearing up for an auction that includes items from some incredibly iconic movies. But this isn't quite like getting Darth Vader's helmet. Rather, it's more akin to getting a pack of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" trading cards.

A24's "For Promotional Use Only" auction, which kicks off on November 4, features a "collection of easily-tossable swag that has endured despite the odds." This includes, among many other things, a "Pretty in Pink" balloon and an "Eraserhead" paper mask that the studio describes as being "in surprisingly pristine condition." Some other selections I'm quite fond of include matchbooks from "Alien," a pack of mints from "American Pie 2," assorted pins from movies like Disney's "Blank Check," and 3D glasses from "Friday the 13th Part III."

Proceeds from the auction will go to a good cause. So whatever frivolous purchase you may be considering, just know that it will be going to a good place. Namely, the Vidiots Foundation. The auction also ties into a new book that the studio behind "Midsommar" and "The Green Knight" is releasing. "For Promotional Use Only," much like the auction itself, collects all of this amazing swag from Hollywood's past in a pretty impressive book, which you can get a look at in the above tweet.

What Is the Vidiots Foundation?

The Vidiots Foundation has been an iconic gathering spot for film folks, dating back to 1985. Per A24's auction page, here is a bit about the foundation and where this money will be going:

Vidiots Foundation has been L.A.'s most iconic gathering place for film lovers and makers since 1985. At its new home, the historic Eagle Theatre, Vidiots will produce unique year-round film programs and education initiatives designed to inspire and engage new generations, and provide a critical and equitable entry point to film and media. Donations from the A24 Auction will directly benefit Vidiots by contributing to their upcoming educational programs and reopening in Spring 2022.

Those who are interested in participating can do so by signing up for an account on A24's website. Bidding begins at 9:00 A.M. central time Thursday, November 4. New collections, ranging from "Novelty Factor" to "Batteries Not Included" will go up every half-hour. Those interested in scoping out the items or signing up can do so by clicking this link.