Quentin Tarantino Is Releasing Never-Seen Pulp Fiction Scenes ... As NFTs

That is a cursed headline from a cursed timeline, but at least it's ours. In a not at all surprising, but still fairly silly move, Quentin Tarantino, your ex's favorite director, is coming out with his very own line of NFTs. Sometimes when I'm experiencing something that feels very much like a trend, I think back to that VH1 show "I Love... the '70s" (or '80s or '90s) and I imagine funny, yet not especially successful, comedians skewering these trends for the future "I Love... the '20s" show. It doesn't make me feel better, but it does make me feel vaguely prescient. Like a sadder lamer version of Paul Atreides, doomed to view life through the lens of long canceled VH1 shows. It's a living, I guess.

But you didn't click on this article to read about my sad VH1 thoughts, you came to hear about Tarantino's NFT scheme, and may god have mercy on your soul. Basically, your good pal Tarantino is releasing a few never before seen scenes from what is probably his most famous film, "Pulp Fiction," as NFTs because ... Branding? Marketing? Jumping on the cultural bandwagon? For whatever reason (and the reason is definitely money), Tarantino is teaming up with Secret Network to unleash these secret scenes to the right buyers. As Tarantino explains in a statement about the new NFTs: 

"I'm excited to be presenting these exclusive scenes from 'Pulp Fiction' to fans ... Secret Network and Secret NFTs provide a whole new world of connecting fans and artists and I'm thrilled to be a part of that."

Did You Just Order an NFT?

If you're a "Pulp Fiction" super-fan, it might be worth forking up the cash just to check out these secret scenes, and to sweeten the pot, it looks like this new content will include a look at the original handwritten "Pulp Fiction" script plus some exclusive commentary from Tarantino himself. Look, I would never tell a huge fan or a completionist how to spend their hard-earned money, but this just feels like something that could go into a special "Pulp Fiction" Blu-ray re-release instead of an NFT. Also, there's no word on what these scenes entail, so while they could be super sweet and may enrich your "Pulp Fiction" viewing experience, they might be really lame. I guess that's all a part of the NFT gamble here.

Of course, this comes at the heels of the news that David Lynch is joining forces with the band Interpol to release their own NFTs, a sentence that is just as perplexing.