Eternals Star Kit Harington Would Like A Longer Reunion Next Time With His Game Of Thrones Co-Star Richard Madden [Exclusive]

We don't know if it's bad luck or a full blown Hollywood conspiracy, but it feels like the powers that be will not let Kit Harington and Richard Madden act together for more than five minutes. Maybe their charisma is too off the charts? Maybe they're both too cool? Maybe it's something about their dark hair and sad eyes that makes the tone of the set feel a touch too emo? Whatever it is, we're jonesing for a TV show (or a movie!) that will let Harington and Madden to have some time to bro out.

The two first started cinematically dancing around each other in "Game of Thrones" where their characters spent an all-too brief childhood together before leaving home and getting thrown into a series of sad adventures. The ships passing in the night feeling continued more recently with Chloé Zhao's "Eternals" which saw Madden cast as Ikaris, an incredibly powerful Eternal who is in love with fellow Eternal Sersi (Gemma Chan), while Harington played a supporting role as Dane Whitman, a normal person who works at the Natural History Museum in London and happens to be dating Sersi. What could be better than a love triangle reunion?

And when /Film's Hoai-Tran Bui had the chance to ask Harington about that sweet reunion, he definitely seemed very excited to talk about it, "I hate the guy," said Harington. "Always boring to see Richard Madden, is the way I think about it."

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Sike! That's not the full quote at all. Harington went on to say: 

"He's a good friend is it was just surreal being in this now with him, and briefly as well. Just briefly, again, like our time on Game of Thrones were so brief. The time on this was so brief, I feel like we're always like ships in the night passing each other. Maybe we'll get something a bit more lengthy next time."

We're with you, Kit. It would be fun to watch these handsome, sad looking boys get a chance to spend a little more time with each other. Maybe if Zhao is able tp pull of an "Eternals" sequel (which isn't looking super likely, but you never know), we'll get a little more Madden and Harington love triangle action? Until then, someone on YouTube probably has a supercut of all of their scenes together in "Game of Thrones."