Jamie Tartt (Doo-Doo Doo-Doo Doo) Confirms Ted Lasso Season 3 Will Begin Filming Soon

Word on the street is "Ted Lasso" is months away filming its much-anticipated third season. And where did this exciting nugget of knowledge come from? None other than AFC Richmond striker, Jamie Tartt! Or, if you prefer, "Lust Conquers All" star, Jamie Tartt! His equally important career highlights must get their proper recognition.

Phil Dunster, the star behind our favorite arrogant footballer, recently told Variety that the latest season begins filming on January 31, 2022. Last we heard, the Lasso cast and writers received a major (and much deserved) pay raise, allowing the writers room to jump right into things back in mid-September. They must be hard at work, hammering out a cheerful and somehow still emotionally devastating third season, to follow up that bittersweet season finale. Whatever they have hidden up their sleeves remains a mystery for now, because other than the production date, Dunster was pretty tight-lipped about the Lasso crew's next steps... but mostly because series creator and star Jason Sudeikis is keeping him in the dark.

The Future of Ted Lasso

When pressed for more info on the upcoming season of "Ted Lasso," Dunster had little to say but promised that he wasn't "trying to be coy," adding that he himself doesn't know any details. So for now, it sounds like the writers are keeping the cards close to their chests, which makes plenty of sense given the series' burst of popularity. That, coupled with the second season's wild cliffhanger, proves there's plenty of reason for secrecy. Dunster said:

"They like to keep it fresh. But also Jason [Sudeikis] knows what the story arc is. He sprinkles ideas of what's going to come here and there but there's nothing really specific. They're in the writers room now and we'll see what happens."

Sudeikis and showrunner Bill Lawrence originally outlined a three-season-pitch, and Sudeikis has since maintained that the story being told is a three season arc. While season 3 has yet to be declared the final hurrah, the ending of "Ted Lasso" is certainly in sight for its creator. Earlier this month, Lawrence told THR:

"I'd love for the show to keep going but it's going to only keep going as long as [Jason Sudeikis] feels like it's a cool thing for him, not only to do creatively and professionally." 

So, as it should, the future of "Ted Lasso" rests in the hands of its creator. That's a pretty trustworthy place for it to be, if you ask me. Anyway, we have more important matters to worry about — there's a third season on the way! Lasso's sophomore season came out swinging, chock-full of surprises: we saw characters growing and developing down paths we didn't yet understand back in season 1. While major players like Ted (Sudeikis) were pushed to new places, exposing their hidden depths, others like Nick Mohammed's Nate and Toheeb Jimoh's Sam got more time in the spotlight. Should the trend continue, there are plenty of Richmond players to learn more about, while everyone else still has lots of growth left to continue. 

As for when season 3 will actually arrive, we can only speculate. But if the third season continues following the footsteps of the last — with production beginning in January and lasting until June — it may premiere as early as July 2022.