Ragnarok: Is Season 3 Still Happening? Here's What We Know

(Welcome to Will There Be Another Season?, a series where we answer that question and explore what comes next.)

Netflix got into the Norse mythology business in a big way with "Ragnarok" last year. The series continued with a second round of godly adventures this year, but that was way back in May and, in the streaming world, that is a long time to go without hearing anything. So, the question becomes, what is going on with "Ragnarok" season 3? Is it still happening and, if so, when might we expect to see it? We're here to help out as best we can to answer the questions fans might have in that regard. Let's dig in.

What is Ragnarok?

"Ragnarok" is a Norwegian-language coming-of-age drama tackling Norse mythology, albeit from a unique angle. Adam Price and Emilie Lebech Kaae serve as the show's creators and writers. The show is set in the small, fictitious town of Edda and centers on its inhabitants who are dealing with a drastically changing world, with melting poles, warm winters, and violent downpours. Some believe that a new Rangoark (hence the title) is coming. That is, unless someone steps in to change things.

For those who may need a little refresher, here is the synopsis for the show's second season:

Magne has to accept that now that he's ready for battle, his enemies are too many and too strong. Is there anyone else who, like him, has supernatural powers? And will he be able to find these people in time? And what happens when it turns out that his little brother, Laurits, is also quite exceptional, but that he views the world very differently from Magne? In the second season of Ragnarok, the conflict gets tougher, evil gets more focused, and the choices even more desperate. In the midst of all this, Magne is faced with the fundamental question: How far are you willing to go in order to save your family?

The Show Has Not Been Renewed Yet

Here is where we get to the potentially bad news for fans of the show. As of this writing, "Ragnarok" season 3 has not been handed the official green light by Netflix. With that being said, it hasn't been canceled either. That makes it difficult to determine what, precisely, is going on. It's sort of dangling in the nebula of uncertainty, as unsatisfying as that answer may be for those looking forward to more Norwegian god goodness.

With that having been said, "Ragnarok" season 1 debuted in January 2020. Season 2 didn't arrive until May 2021. That means there was nearly a year and a half gap between seasons. That being the case, assuming that timeline sticks, we could still have nearly a year to wait for another season, especially given that the pandemic is still complicating productions for many studios. So there is still plenty of hope a third season could be on the way.

This Is Either Quietly Good or Quietly Bad

No disrespect, but "Ragnarok" is not quite as high-profile as a great number of other Netflix shows. As such, it is not covered as widely in the press, nor does the company discuss it as much on social media, or through its other outlets. The point is, it's entirely possible that a third season has been quietly in the works and that they just haven't said anything about it yet. Or, sad to say, the opposite could just as easily be true.

If we assume the worst, it's also possible that the show has been quietly axed by the streaming service, and they just haven't made any public announcement about it yet. We may end up finding out in some unceremonious way about it down the road if that is the case. It's worth pointing out that the pandemic forced premature cancelations of some shows. So, even if the worst does come to pass, it wasn't necessarily because the show didn't have an audience or because Netflix didn't have faith in it. For now, nothing has been determined so sit tight, fans.