My Hero Academia Season 6: Is It Going To Happen? Here's What We Know

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Last month marked the end of "My Hero Academia" season five5 and fans are already clamoring for the sixth season. Fortunately, season 6 has already been greenlit, and the continuation of the ultra-popular anime is already in production. The series follows a young boy named Izuku Midoriya who dreams of becoming a superhero. In the world of the show, this is not beyond the realm of possibility as people across the globe can develop "Quirks," or unique superpowers. Izuku, however, doesn't have a Quirk and finds that to achieve his dreams, he must find a different route to success. As the show progresses, Izuku comes in possession of the One For All quirk, which is kind of like being the Avatar of "Avatar the Last Airbender" or when Will Stronghold in "Sky High" discovers he has ALL the superpowers.

Unfortunately, there has not yet been a premiere date for season 6. Based on previous time frames between seasons, it's more than likely that "My Hero Academia" season 6 will become available sometime in mid-to-late 2022. However, the end of season 5 included a teaser from season 6 featuring Izuku and Shigaraki, confirming speculations from the readers of the "My Hero Academia" manga that the next season would focus on the duo's rivalry. Toward the end of season 5, "My Hero Academia" got pretty intense and very dark, and season 6 is said to be a continuation of that darkness.

Here's what we can speculate is coming for season 6 of "My Hero Academia."

Shigaraki Is Getting Powerful

The last available season of "My Hero Academia" focused on the Endeavor Agency and Meta Liberation Army story arcs from the maga, which means it's likely that season 6 will focus on the Paranormal Liberation War arc. In this arc, The League of Villains join forces with the Meta Liberation Army, a group of radicalized super powered individuals, to become the Paranormal Liberation Front. It's like how rock bands in the 1980s made supergroups, but this time for scary anime fighting.

This group is led by Tomura Shigaraki who is getting more and more powerful in an attempt to take Izuku's One For All Quirk. The end of fifth season teaser hinted at a battle between Izuku and Tomura which more than likely will lead to a showdown with the heroes joining forces to take down the villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front. The following arc is the Tartarus Escapees arc, but there's no confirmation if season 6 will get this far, or if it will specifically center on the Paranormal Liberation War arc. The Tartarus Escapees arc is where the manga is currently at, so there's a possibility "My Hero Academia" could eventually pull a "Game of Thrones" and continue past the existing manga material.

Here's hoping "My Hero Academia" ends on a higher note than "Thrones" did.