Army Of The Dead Sequel Gets A Title: Planet Of The Dead

Zack Snyder has revealed the official title for his upcoming "Army of the Dead" sequel: "Planet of the Dead." Rather than go with a simple 2 at the end of the title or something along those lines, Snyder has opted to say a lot by saying a little with the title, indicating that the stakes are going global in the next zombie flick he's cooking up for Netflix.

The filmmaker recently spoke to Inverse in honor of the prequel, "Army of Thieves," hitting Netflix this Friday. During the conversation, talk turned to Dieter, played by Matthias Schweighofer in both movies, and his potential adventures between both movies. Snyder said the following:

"The real adventure would be to see what happened to him when that safe door closed. Did he get killed by Zeus or not? What happened? We don't see him die on camera, and there's still some time left. I won't tell you what happens in Army of the Dead 2 — aka Planet of the Dead — but let's just say that there's a chance Dieter survives."

So, not only do we have confirmation of a title, but it seems Dieter may not be done in this universe just yet. Beyond what was explicitly said, the title does carry with it some major implications for the next "Army of the Dead" flick.

When Last We Left the Dead

The end of the first movie sees Omari Hardwick's Vanderohe escaping the wreckage of Vegas, with the vault doing enough to protect him from the blast. He makes away with the money and charters a plane. Unfortunately, as we come to find, he was bitten and is going to turn any minute. The film concludes with them about to make their way to Mexico City, paving the way for the virus to run rampant outside the confines of Nevada.

The "Planet" bit of the title implies that this is precisely what happens, with the virus going global. Part of what made "Army of the Dead" interesting was the idea of getting it contained. Now, we're going to see Snyder's take on a global outbreak.

Meanwhile, the universe is expanding elsewhere, with an anime series set in the same universe in the works at Netflix as well, along with the prequel flick centered on Dieter. We've got a full-on cinematic universe in the making. Not only that, but Snyder is also working on his movie "Rebel Moon" for the streaming service, which is based on his pitch for a "Star Wars" movie that never came to be. This to say, the partnership between Snyder and Netflix appears to be going well.

"Planet of the Dead" does not yet have a release date set.