Cool Stuff: X-Men: The Animated Series Action Figures Coming To The Marvel Legends Toy Line

Over the weekend, Hasbro PulseCon revealed some exciting new action figures on the way from the "Star Wars", "Transformers," G.I. Joe" and "Power Rangers" franchises. But one of the coolest updates came from the Marvel Legends line, which is finally introducing a proper collection of action figures inspired by the beloved "X-Men: The Animated Series" from the 1990s. Though the '90s versions of the X-Men have all been released at some point in various Marvel Legends waves, this is the first time they've been directly inspired by the animated series itself. Wolverine and Jubilee are the first figures out of the gate, and you can get a sneak peek of them below.

Marvel Legends X-Men: The Animated Series Action Figures

What makes these figures stand out from the previous X-Men action figures in their '90s costumes is the paint job. You'll notice that there's shading on the figures that gives them some animated flare, including Jubilee's pink shades. Plus, Wolverine comes with that picture of Cyclops and Jean Grey in a loving embrace that he likes to creepily stare at while laying in bed in his full X-Men costume. What a weirdo!

This is probably just the beginning of an entire line of Marvel Legends action figures inspired by "X-Men: The Animated Series." Hopefully Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Beast, Rogue, Gambit, and Professor X won't be far behind. Maybe we'll even get villains like Magneto, Mystique, Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Sabretooth and Juggernaut. But the one that would be really cool is a figure of Morph with a bunch of interchangeable heads. 

Adding to the cool factor of these figures is that they come packaged in box art made to look like a retro release of episodes of the series on VHS. 

While I'm certainly excited to have Marvel Legends making these figures, I'm also a little frustrated since I took the time to collect the primary X-Men characters from the animated series as they were released (and re-released) over the years. But at least I have a complete collection of the figures that I want and I don't have to wait for this new collection to expand. 

Both the Wolverine and Jubilee Marvel Legends figures inspired by "X-Men: The Animated Series" are exclusives that are only available through the Hasbro Pulse website. They are available for pre-order right now for $26.99, but they won't be shipped until May or June of 2022.