David Gordon Green Is Not Worried About The New Hellraiser Movie Competing With His TV Series

There are two different "Hellraiser" projects on the way. There's a new movie from director David Bruckner, and there's also a TV show that will have a pilot episode helmed by "Halloween Kills" director David Gordon Green. Bruckner's film, which will star Jamie Clayton as the new Pinhead, will drop on Hulu, while the "Hellraiser" TV series is headed to HBO, and, by all accounts, both projects are completely separate – they have nothing to do with each other, other than the fact that they're both "Hellraiser" adaptations. Is it going to be weird to have both a new "Hellraiser" movie and a "Hellraiser" TV show? Perhaps, but David Gordon Green isn't worried about that. In a recent interview, Green said that he thinks this whole situation makes for "a fun cultural experiment." 

It's Going to Be Fascinating

Ready for dueling Pinheads? There are two new takes on "Hellraiser" headed our way – the HBO "Hellraiser" series, which has Mark Verheiden and Michael Dougherty as writers and David Gordon Green directing several episodes, and a new Hulu "Hellraiser" movie from "The Night House" filmmaker David Bruckner. That sort of competition might bother some, but David Gordon Green isn't concerned. Speaking with EW, Green chalked the entire thing up to a "cultural experiment," stating: 

"It's going to be fascinating because it's a different platform, different concept, different creators, but the same properties," Green said. "I'm not sure where that ends up and how that goes, but I'm very curious. It is a fun cultural experiment, right? To think there's a crew with a concept for a series [and] a crew with a concept for a movie taking the same mythology. I don't know, does it become like Deep Impact and Armageddon?"

We still don't know much about either project, to be honest. The show has been described as "an elevated continuation and expansion" of the original, while Bruckner described his film as "something of a small reimagining" of the material. But those two descriptions, however brief, sound different enough that the two "Hellraiser" projects shouldn't get in each other's way. In any case, the "Hellraiser" franchise is definitely in need of a major overhaul, so I'm curious to see what Bruckner and Green both do here. There's no official release date for either project just yet, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, "Hellraiser" isn't the only classic horror property Green is adding to his filmography – he's also set to helm a new "Exorcist" movie for Blumhouse.