Kristen Stewart Says Thanks But No Thanks To Being Fancast As The Joker

In just a few weeks, Kristen Stewart returns to the big screen as the star of Pablo Larraín's emotional drama "Spencer." Starring as the Princess of Wales, Stewart paints a haunting portrait of the tragic former royal as she suffers through a miserable Christmas weekend with the royal family. As the premiere date for her intimate performance approaches, we all know that there's one huge question on everyone's mind: does Kristen Stewart wanna play The Joker??

Is It Time For A Twilight Reunion?

Surely you haven't missed the buzz (because there's been a lot of it) about Robert Pattinson's upcoming performance in "The Batman." Stewart's former co-star is donning the cape and cowl as the broodiest billionaire to ever brood, Bruce Wayne. A few months before we finally see him leaping into action, Stewart will bring us all true despair as Princess Diana. Though it's happening separately, the duo are making headlines and showcasing their immense talent, so fans are getting nostalgic. This all harkens back to a time when they ruled the world of teen-cinema as the power couple at the center of the "Twilight" saga. So with their shared supremacy on the rise, fans are determined to see them share the screen once more.

Another "Twilight" sequel is definitely out of the question, because both Stewart and Pattinson would absolutely laugh off the suggestion, but consider this — Kristen Stewart would look great with green hair! So, ya know, obvious solution here, she should be the Joker in Pattinson's presumed Batman sequel. This particular fancast has been making the rounds on Twitter for days, so it was only a matter of time before someone floated the idea by Kristen Stewart. And her reaction? "Let's do something new."

Stewart got the question while speaking to Variety and responded:

"I love the energy behind that, but... It's really been done so well. I feel like, maybe, we don't traipse over, but I love that gusto. Let's figure something else out. I'm totally down to play a freaky, scary person."

'Let's Do Something New'

Listen, I want to see Kristen Stewart get a "damaged" tattoo as much as the next gal, but it's feeling pretty unlikely. But don't sleep on the very good news here — Stewart is down to get unhinged as a villain figure. Quick, someone cast Kristen Stewart as a serial killer! And if folks are still determined to see her reunite with Pattinson onscreen, maybe there's room for him in this project, too. From onscreen lovers (and ex-real life lovers) to serial killing partners. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Stewart's response to the fancast shouldn't come as a surprise — it's hard to imagine the actress jumping headfirst into the DCEU. She's spent the past few years building her filmography with captivating performances in indies. Sure, there are a few blockbusters here and there, but Stewart seems consistently interested in the challenge of something new. The Joker, as she notes, has been done amazingly well so many times before — and its simply not what she's looking for. Asked if the Joker role was a definite "no" for her, Stewart said:

"Not 'no,' but not the most stoked I've ever been. Let's do something new."

The important thing is, this post-"Twilight" era of their careers still sees Stewart and Pattinson stealing the spotlight. We'll be seeing plenty more of this pair as they make their mark on the cinematic world — even if they do it separately. And as for those still hoping to use "The Batman" as an opportunity for a "Twilight" reunion (an excellent idea because it would surely upset some fanboys), maybe the Joker casting folks should call up Taylor Lautner. Or better yet, give the gig to the terrifying doll who played baby Renesmee.