The Best Horror Franchise Of All Time: A New Bracket From /Film

It's nearly Halloween, so you know what that means: it's time to argue about the best horror movies all over again! 

The experts at /Film have put their twisted brains together and concocted the perfect seasonal treat: a showdown of the greatest franchises the horror genre has ever known. All the heavy-hitters, the dark horses, and the beloved longshots are here to contend for the top prize in the Tournament of Terrors, a bracket pitting the best horror movie series of all time against one another. 

And you, the loyal /Film reader, will decide who wins each face-off. Here's how you can play along.

The Schedule – And How You Can Participate

Starting tomorrow, /Film will run two articles per weekday where iconic horror franchises will be pitted head-to-head. In each article, one writer will champion each franchise, putting forward an impassioned argument as for why you should vote their way. And then you'll be able to weigh in, casting your vote for which series you want to see move on. As the bracket advances and the body count rises, the choices will become tougher, the arguments wilder. And it'll all climax right before Halloween! 

The complete schedule has been included below, just in case you want to plan ahead to be there for your favorite horror franchise. And yes, we encourage you to share your picks on social media — tell the world who you're voting for, and encourage them to join in! 

Wednesday, October 20

Halloween vs Phantasm 

Scream vs Child's Play

Thursday, October 21

Alien vs Final Destination 

Evil Dead vs The Universal Monsters

Friday, October 22

A Nightmare on Elm Street vs Saw 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre vs Hellraiser

Monday, October 25

Friday the 13th vs Paranormal Activity

Romero's Dead Series vs The Conjuring Universe

Tuesday, October 26

Quarter-Finalists, rounds 1 and 2

Wednesday, October 27

Quarter-Finalists, rounds 3 and 4

Thursday, October 28

Semi-Finalists, rounds 1 and 2

Friday, October 29

The Final Two