The Flash Teaser Breakdown: Michael Keaton Is Back As Batman, And He Has Questions

DC FanDome featured a short presentation for "The Flash," the first solo movie for Ezra Miller as the Scarlet Speedster, following his debut in "Justice League" back in 2017. Since the movie is still in production, they didn't have enough footage for a full trailer or even a proper teaser. Instead, what we got was a much smaller but exciting teaser that featured just a smattering of footage, including a tease of Michael Keaton's return as Batman, multiple versions of The Flash (including one with a glowing new suit), and the debut of Supergirl in the DC Extended Universe on the big screen. Let's break down all the footage from "The Flash" teaser.

The Flash Takes a Taxi

Even though Barry Allen can run like the wind, he apparently felt like taking a taxi was a better option. In fact, as you realize later in the trailer, there are actually two different versions of Barry Allen in play here. As for what has motivated them to take a taxi out to this spooky mansion in the middle of foggy nowhere, we're not sure. But we definitely know whose mansion this is.

Wayne Manor

There's only one character who lives in a big mansion in the middle of nowhere that has been confirmed to have a role in "The Flash." It's none other than Micheal Keaton as Batman, and we hear him in voiceover as this montage of shots continues. The voiceover begins: "Tell me something. You can go anywhere you want, right?"

The Flash Powers Up

As Barry Allen turns on an old school power switch, one that presumably turns on the lights and whatnot in the Batcave, sparks fly. Presumably Barry and the other version of himself are walking around an abandoned Batcave. But where would Batman be? Could he merely be waiting somewhere nearby to see who has infiltrated the cave? 

The voiceover continues, "Any timeline. Any universe." Batman has become aware of multiple universes, presumably from The Flash traveling back in time, but he has a question. And we'll get to that in a moment.

The Flash Homecoming

Yellow lightning sparks in the middle of the night as The Flash arrives in a neighborhood street. As the yellow elements of this new suit glow with power, Barry seems transfixed on a specific house on the street. There's a good reason for that.

Barry Allen's House

This appears to be Barry Allen's childhood home. Considering the way he's walking up to this house, it would seem he's returning to this house in the past, after traveling back in time. What makes us say that? There's a certain figure inside the house who shouldn't be there in present day. 

Barry's Mother

We're assuming this is Nora Allen, the late mother of Barry Allen, who was killed by an unknown individual. The blame was wrongly placed upon her husband Henry Allen (previously played by Billy Crudup in "Justice League," and soon to be played by Ron Livingston in this movie), who was jailed as a result. It looks like Nora Allen is alive and well here, and Barry is apprehensive about whether it's real. Is this scene in the past when Nora was still alive and Barry is seeing her during his time travel? Or has Barry changed something in the past in order for his mother to be alive in the present?

During this scene, we hear Michael Keaton's voiceover continue, "Why do you want to stay and fight to save this one?" Clearly Nora Allen is the answer.

"You changed the future. And you changed the past."

The voiceover goes on, "You changed the future. And you changed the past." That doesn't necessarily clarify what exactly changed in the future or past, or how one impacted the other. However, there's this ominous shot of Barry touching someone's lifeless hand. Could this be the hand of his father Henry Allen, who was maybe killed instead of his mother? Could it be Ben Affleck as Batman, who is now dead in the present? Could it be Michael Keaton as Batman? Based on what comes next, that might be a safe bet.

Bloody Bat

The camera moves through Wayne Manor, and we see splatters of blood on the floor next to the Batman cowl worn by Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's "Batman" movie from 1989. It would appear as if the rest of the rubber suit is lying behind it. Is this merely the result of Batman taking off the suit after a night of crimefighting, or has someone hurt Bruce Wayne in his own house?

The Batsuit

The Flash looks upon what is presumably the Batsuit hanging up in the Batcave. Could this be back in the future when he realizes that maybe the Batman he used to know in present day has become someone different entirely? Or is this at some point in the past when he changes something that presumably impacts the future? When time travel is involved, there are so many questions!

Welcome the New Supergirl

It's hard to tell from this profile, but that looks like Sasha Calle as Supergirl (albeit without her suit) laying unconscious on the table. Based on the background, that appears to be Wayne Manor that they've brought her into. How does Supergirl come to be involved in all of this? And what will her place be in the larger DC Extended Universe?

These Boots Were Made for Speedin'

Barry Allen gives The Flash suit a little touch-up in what appears to be The Batcave. Then again, I suppose it could be Barry Allen's own lair that was also full of a bunch of screens in "Justice League." It's hard to tell whether those are flat screens or old school monitors and tube TVs. Ether way, The Flash clearly wants to jazz up his suit a bit. 

The Flash Ring

"The Flash" will bring The Flash Ring into Barry Allen's line of accessories. As we've seen in the comics and "The Flash" TV series on The CW, this ring is designed to hold The Flash's suit. It's not clear how the suit can be stored in the ring, but it's presumed that nanotechnology is involved, not unlike the suits in Iron Man's armory in a different universe.

The Flash in the Batcave

Here's a pretty good hero shot of The Flash standing in the literal cave part of the Batcave, where a waterfall obscures what lies within. Hopefully no one goes spelunking too close to that opening. They'd have quite a discovery on their hands, and then Batman might be forced to break his one rule in order to preserve his secret identity.

I'd Know Those Ears Anywhere

With the longest, pointiest ears that Batman has donned on the big screen, we'd recognize that cowl anywhere. That's Michael Keaton's Batman suit walking trough the Batcave. But he's not the only one in the secret lair.

Two Flashes, a Supergirl, and a Batty Place

Barry Allen, accompanied by another Barry Allen and Supergirl, asks Batman a question of his own: "Are you in?"

We have no idea why The Flash is recruiting Batman, and we're even more unsure as to where the second Barry Allen comes from. We're assuming it's a Barry Allen who has time traveled from another messed-up universe, and both are eager to fix the problems brought about by time traveling. Honestly, I don't care what the issue is, I just can't wait to see Michael Keaton suited up as Batman again.

Holy S**t, Batman!

In a quick little stinger after the title, one of the Barry Allens is looking around the Batcave and stumbles upon a familiar shape hidden under a cover. That's clearly the cockpit of the Batmobile from Tim Burton's "Batman," but before Allen gets the cover entirely off the vehicle, the teaser cuts to black as we hear him exclaim, "Holy sh—," where he's cut off just before making the scene a little less family-friendly. 

This is a solid tease, and since they don't have all the footage they need for a proper teaser or a full trailer, I'm glad that they saved the full reveal of Michael Keaton as Batman for a later reveal. We'll certainly be excited to see the first official trailer, and we can't wait for the movie to arrive next year on November 4, 2022.