Titans Season 4 Is Happening, Watch A Clip From The Season 3 Finale Now

The huge DC FanDome event comes bearing many gifts — trailers, sneak peeks, casting announcements and even TV series renewals. Among the many thrilled fanbases are die-hard "Titans" viewers, because a fourth season of the series is now confirmed. That's right, the DC drama has come a long way from cursing Batman's name and is now heading into a fourth season that sees heroes from across the DC Universe uniting to find their place in the world and face off against evil.

"Titans" returned earlier this year with its much anticipated third season, following up on the story of Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) as he goes from picking up the mantle of Nightwing to taking over as Batman for an anguished Bruce Wayne. Drawn to Gotham City, the group of heroes reunited with old friends and faced new foes, including the mysterious Red Hood — whose identity probably didn't shock any comic book readers. The third season also saw the introduction of Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon, following in the footsteps of her father and taking over as Commissioner Gordon.

"Titans" Season 3 has put our heroes through more than a few intense trials, so expect season 4 to hit just as hard. As the saga continues, so does the trend of digging into DC comics for more classic heroes and villains to join the action. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves. A fourth season certainly opens the door for a whole new realm of possibilities, but we'll have to get through season three first. Luckily, the DC FanDome is treating "Titans" fans to an early look at the season 3 finale. 

Titans Finale Sneak Peek

When Dick Grayson says cut the red wire, you have no choice but to listen. The season 3 finale of "Titans" sees Tim and Dick coaching Garth through a mini heist of sorts, to steal a little something from Bruce Wayne. But given the magic word is "Selina Kyle," it's nothing compared to what Catwoman took from the Caped Crusader.

Escaping Wayne Manor won't be easy, but might be the least of their problems, considering Jonathan Crane's determination to destroy Gotham City. making matters worse, Jason Todd's secret is finally out in the open. But on the bright side, whatever isn't dealt with in the final hour of season 3 has a whole fourth season for fixing.

The "Titans" season 3 finale arrives on HBO Max next Thursday, October 21.