Kesha, Who Once Had Sex With A Ghost, Will Now Hunt Ghosts For Discovery+

Songwriter, actress, rapper and podcaster Ke$ha is now adding Ghostbuster to her resume... because why the hell not?

Don't misunderstand me — Kesha will not be appearing in "Ghostbusters: Afterlife." She's just, ya know, embarking on her own personal journey with the supernatural. Her upcoming Discovery+ series, with the working title "Conjuring Kesha," sees her delving into the world of the unexplained with both supernatural experts and celebrity guests. Per the official announcement, the six-episode season will document her exploration of the paranormal in a way that's "cinematic" and "hands-on." This is undoubtedly the oddest possible way to describe the series, made worse by the fact that "Conjuring Kesha" isn't the first we've heard of the singer's ghostly experiences.

Back in 2012, Kesha told the world of her torrid affair with a mysterious spirit. Was it Casper? Or maybe Pac-Man's friend, Blinky? We never actually found out, because it's really hard to identify ghosts! The popstar told KIIS FM, "I don't know his name, he was a ghost!" Fair point.

Jokes aside, this marks the second streaming series about a singer-songwriter investigating the supernatural and I'm getting pretty scared that this fad will catch on. If Taylor Swift ends up investigating Bigfoot or Adele starts singing about werewolves, then we are definitely in the worst timeline.

Conjuring Kesha

In case it isn't clear, Kesha is a big fan of the paranormal. Exhibit A: she has a pretty wild cameo in David Lowery's "A Ghost Story," as a character named "Spirit Girl." Exhibit B: she's spent the past two years hosting a ghostly podcast, "Kesha and the Creepies." It's no wonder "Conjuring Kesha" remains a working title — that's a pretty hard one to top. Whatever name they decide on, the Discovery+ series will be packed with mysterious adventures as she travels to "mind-blowing locations” to find answers to the "unanswerable." 

Kesha shared in a statement that she's always been drawn to the supernatural and added:

"Making music I've felt was a cosmic connection between my soul and something bigger than me that I couldn't explain. My hope is to show that the supernatural isn't just the thing of myths and fables. We're embarking on a spiritual and cosmic exploration. Come with me to experience it all."

Watching Kesha cross a few more items off her "creepy bucket list" might be a little weird, but also.... why not? The woman is a Grammy-nominated, global pop sensation for good reason. She's a magnetic performer with a great personality. Throw in some unsolved mysteries and paranormal hotspots and you probably get a very bingeable show. Anyway, things can't get much weirder than having sexy time with a ghost, right?

"Conjuring Kesha" is expected to arrive sometime in 2022.