The Time It Takes: Release Date, Cast, And More

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Sometimes the saddest tales of romance are the most memorable. We all love a happily ever after, but the odds of a relationship ending in forever is pretty slim — but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the ride. After all, break-ups are their own kind of love story, just with a sadder ending. Getting it right isn't easy and should it end in tears, the healing process is more complicated than it looks. Sometimes a good cry and a bucket of ice cream is the way, but when it's truly love, it takes a lot more aching than that. The upcoming Netflix series "The Time It Takes" is delving into the way breakups stay with you, through the story of a woman wallowing in what was, and slowly learning to appreciate her present. Bring some Kleenex and come along for the ride.

Here's everything you need to know about "The Time It Takes."

The Time It Takes Release Date and Where To Watch It

"The Time It Takes" is scheduled for a worldwide premiere on October 29, 2021. As an original series from the streamer, all 10 episodes will be available exclusively on Netflix.

What is The Time It Takes?

"The Time It Takes" is a Spanish-language Netflix original that tells a tragic tale of romance, catching up with a woman after the end of her 10-year relationship. She'll spend the series trying to leave her ex in the past, slowly drifting away from their shared memories as she begins to focus on herself. She moves house, searches for a new job and struggles to overcome the pain of her first love by spending less time thinking about the past, and one more minute a day focused on her present. At the core of "The Time It Takes," is the old yet reliable cliché, "time heals all wounds."

The Time It Takes Cast

"The Time It Takes" stars Nadia de Santiago as Lina, a woman trying to move past her breakup. De Santiago is no stranger to Netflix, having starred in the hit Spanish series "Cable Girls ("Las Chicas Del Cable") throughout its five season arc. Álvaro Cervante stars as Lina's ex-boyfriend Nico. The Spanish actor starred in the Netflix thriller "The Legacy of the Bones" ("Legado en los huesos") and more recently, in "Malnazidos," which premiered at the Stiges Film Festival. "The Time It Takes" also stars Moussa Echarif, Prince Ezeanyim, Carla Linares, Nico Romero and Cala Zavaleta.

The Time It Takes Writer, Director, and More

Star of the series Nadia de Santiago also had a hand in the shows creation, as co-creator alongside Pablo Santidrián, Inés Pintor, and Pablo Fernández. De Santiago also serves as writer-director for several episodes of the series, with both Santidrián and Pintor directing episodes as well. "The Time It Takes" comes from executive producers Ruben Goldfarb and Oriol Mayamo.

The Time It Takes Trailer

Here's how Netflix describes the upcoming film, "The Time It Takes":

When their relationship ends, Lina needs to stop thinking about Nico and their memories together to focus on herself. Lina moves house, looks for a new job and tries new things in an attempt to forget her first love. During the 10 episodes of the series she will be thinking a minute less about the past and will be a minute more in the present, giving a new perspective to the expression "time heals all the wounds".