She-Hulk Star Jameela Jamil Teases Her New Look As Titania

Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe the Good Place or the Bad Place? Your mileage may vary, but it's a place where Jameela Jamil is going, and very soon.

Jamil, known for her role as Tahani Al-Jamil on NBC's "The Good Place," is slated to co-star opposite Tatiana Maslany of "Orphan Black" next year in Marvel's streaming series, "She-Hulk." It's headed for Disney+, which is its own special place ... and who's to say whether it's Good or Bad?

All we know is, Jamil is playing the supervillain Titania, so it would seem she's Bad. Titania has orange hair and big muscles and she's been known to serve the Fantastic Four's archenemy, Doctor Doom, who doesn't exist yet as a canonical character in the MCU. If you were wondering what Jamil will look like as Titania, she's given us a tease of that now via her official verified Twitter account.

An Earth Girl with Orange Hair

You may be wondering, just who is this Titania, besides some comics character with disproportionately large physical features? Well, we delved into Titania's comics history back in June, and it's clear that the MCU will need to make some modifications to her origin story in order to incorporate her.

In the comics, Titania got her powers from Doctor Doom on a planet called Battleworld. You can't make this stuff up. Jim Shooter, writer and onetime editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics (and Titania's creator), already did in the 1980s. He and artists Mike Zeck and Bob Layton introduced Titania during the 12-issue "Secret Wars" miniseries.

Titania started out as a simple Earth girl who was bullied, but Doctor Doom bulked her up with energy from an alien storm. Odds are, the "She-Hulk" streaming series from Marvel Studios will lean back into her roots as an Earth girl, and not so much her history as a well-endowed Battleworld combatant. It's supposed to be a half-hour legal comedy and we have no indication that it will be leaving the courtroom for other planets like an "Avengers" movie. That doesn't preclude it from having women with orange hair, though.

As you can see from the tweet above, Jamil's hair is now looking very orange. She herself is an advocate for body positivity, so don't expect to see her parading around with the same impossible attributes as Titania in the comics.

As we noted in June, she's "even gone so far as to label certain female celebrities as 'double agents of the patriarchy' for promoting unhealthy body image." She's also against airbrushing of images, so the one above is pure Jamil.

"She-Hulk" is expected to hit Disney+ sometime in 2022.