No Time To Die Early Buzz: A Fantastic Conclusion For Daniel Craig, Unless It's Not

Well, it's time. Critics have seen "No Time to Die," the long-awaited, repeatedly-delayed swan song for Daniel Craig's turn as 007, and because it's their job, they have, you know, opinions. But since it's been six years since the previous James Bond movie and since that James Bond movie was the disappointing "Spectre," you'd be forgiven if you're watching these reactions with a rabid glint in your eye. We Bond fans take this super-spy seriously. And the Daniel Craig era has given us permission to take it all extra seriously. Because he really is that good in the role.

Okay. Enough beating around the bush. You scrolled past these opening paragraphs so you could get to the first reactions anyway. You didn't even read this. You definitely don't have time to waste. Let's go.

It's a Bitter Disappointment

Let's start with the bummer news — some folks had an immediate and passionate dislike for "No Time to Die," including /Film writer and chief film critic Chris Evangelista:

And he wasn't alone. Others were not impressed with what director Fukunaga has done to cap off the latest 007 era:

However, the negative reactions were counterbalanced by some very enthusiastic notices. Could this be the rare James Bond movie that actually proves to be genuinely divisive?

It's a Perfect Conclusion For Daniel Craig's Bond

It should be noted that the people who liked "No Time to Die" didn't seem to just enjoy it. They largely seemed to love it, with the elements that turned some people off completely winning over others.

At the very least, it certainly sounds like we're going to have lots of conversations about this one as everyone has a chance to see it. And you know what? Good. It's been six years since we've been able to yell at each other about a new James Bond movie. Let's embrace it.

It's Somewhere in the Middle

Did you know it's possible to have a nuanced opinion? It's true! Here are the reactions that landed somewhere in the middle, a lukewarm martini, shaken, not stirred, if you will: 

"No Time to Die" leaps off a cliff, unfurls a parachute with the Union Jack colors, and floats into theaters on October 8, 2021. Our full review will run shortly.