The Evil Dead Groovy Collection Coming To 4K Blu-Ray This November, So Fire Up Your Chainsaw

Head to the workshed and grab your chainsaw, it's time for a new "Evil Dead" home media release. The aptly named "The Evil Dead Groovy Collection" will feature "The Evil Dead," "Evil Dead II," and the complete "Ash vs Evil Dead" series on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and Digital. If you're wondering why this set doesn't include "Army of Darkness," the unfortunate answer is rights issues. Unlike the "Evil Dead" movies, "Army of Darkness" was partially financed by the De Laurentiis Company, thus ensuring that a box set containing all three films will (probably) never happen. It's annoying, but maybe one day it'll change. For now, though, this is still a box set worth celebrating if you're a fan of the series.

The Evil Dead Groovy Collection

"The Evil Dead Groovy Collection" will feature the original two "Evil Dead" films, as well as the three-season "Ash vs Evil Dead" on 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital. The box set, which you can see an image of above, will arrive on November 16, 2021. Here's some more info: 

Horror fans, return to that iconic cabin in the woods, then travel decades beyond it, with this Evil Dead Groovy Collection. Wisecracking ladies' man Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is reborn as a slayer of Deadites in The Evil Dead (4K + Blu-ray™) after a vacation in the country is ruined by the reading of an ancient demon-summoning text. In Evil Dead II (4K + Blu-ray™), a chainsaw-armed Ash is pushed to the brink of madness by unhinged evil yet again, while "Ash vs Evil Dead" (Blu-ray™) follows an older, grayer Ash over three wild seasons as he reckons with his bloody past in the face of a Deadite plague. Includes The Evil Dead Bonus Content DVD, with over three hours of features revisiting the film's cast, crew, and undying legacy.

Again: "Army of Darkness" won't be included here due to rights issues. But there are multiple "Army of Darkness" home media releases out there, and while there doesn't seem to be a 4K disc just yet, I'm sure one is right around the corner, but don't quote me on that. For now, let's look at some special features, shall we? 

The Evil Dead Special Features

Here's what's included on the 4K release of "The Evil Dead":

  • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Sam Raimi, Producer Robert G. Tapert, and Star Bruce Campbell

Admittedly, that's not much! But the other discs in the set do feature a bit more. But if it'll make you feel better, you can invite me over to your house while you watch the 4K disc and I can make up stories about the production, and you can pretend that's an additional special feature. Please have beer ready for me, though. 

The Evil Dead II Special Features

The "Evil Dead II" 4K release included in the set features the following: 

  • Bloody and Groovy, Baby! — Tribute to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead II
  • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Sam Raimi, Actor Bruce Campbell, Cowriter Scott Spiegel, and Special Makeup Effects Artist Greg Nicotero
  • Blu-ray Special Features:
    • Swallowed Souls: The Making of Evil Dead II
    • Cabin Fever: Behind the Scenes of Evil Dead II
    • Road to Wadesboro: Revisiting the Shooting Location with Filmmaker Tony Elwood
    • Evil Dead II: Behind the Screams
    • The Gore the Merrier
    • Still Galleries
    • Audio Commentary

Ash vs Evil Dead Special Features

Finally, here's what you're getting with "Ash vs Evil Dead": 

Season 1:

  • Inside the World of Ash
  • How to Kill a Deadite
  • Best of Ash
  • Audio Commentaries

Season 2:

  • Season 2 First Look
  • Inside the World of "Ash vs Evil Dead"
  • Up Your Ash
  • Women Who Kick Ash
  • Puppets Are Cute
  • Dawn of the Spawn
  • Bringing Henrietta Back
  • The Delta
  • How To Kill a Deadite
  • Fatality Mash-Up
  • Audio Commentaries

Season 3:

  • Season Overview
  • Inside the World of "Ash vs Evil Dead"
  • Audio Commentaries