The Best TV Shows & Movies Leaving HBO Max In October 2021

HBO Max is doing as all streaming services do and refreshing its roster of titles ... again. This time the changes are coming mid-spooky season, so bringing in some new scares means shuffling some old ones out. Be they terrifying or heartwarming, there are many titles to check out before they go. Revisit them or enjoy them for the very first time while you still can. It's quite a hefty list of movies but have no fear, we've already picked out the best ones! Here are the must-see movies leaving HBO Max in the next few weeks.


James Wan made his return to horror this past month with "Malignant," a wild, messy, gruesome ride that horror fans will surely love. Annabelle Wallis stars as Madison, a woman terrified by her shocking and increasingly disturbing dreams of grisly murders. The situation grows even more dire when she realizes that they may not be dreams after all. If you haven't already sat through the wailing score, ominous darkness, and chaotic energy of "Malignant," then this is all you need to know — go in as blind as possible so it can surprise you will all its unhinged insanity. The premise may sound pretty tame as far as horror movies go, but know that Wan is in full force and clearly having the time of his life with this one. Then hand yourself over and strap in for the ride. "Malignant" came to HBO Max as part of its same-day streaming, meaning it's available on the streamer for a 31 day window, ending on October 10, 2021.

Final Destination 5

Keeping with the horror theme, now is the perfect timing to delve back into the gory scares of the "Final Destination" franchise. Each movie follows a group of people being hunted by death after surviving a disaster. If you've got the time, binge them all! They're ridiculous, crazy, and often goofy fun but the quality takes a serious dip in the middle. So if you're low on time but still interested, know that the first one is often declared the best, but "Final Destination 5" hits the sweet spot: the final film in the franchise (for now), it understands the great fun of playing up the elaborate death sequences and still manages to keep a hold onto its plot and characters. Where others veer towards being completely unwatchable, this one strikes the perfect balance. Bonus tip: if you haven't already seen the first two, they make this one so much more satisfying. (Leaving October 31, 2021)

When Harry Met Sally

A crime against humanity, "When Harry Met Sally" is leaving HBO Max in the middle of fall. Get in the very best seasonal movie while you still can, as Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) fall in love over the course of their lives. They begin as acquaintances, develop a friendship and eventually navigate the messiness of starting a relationship with your best friends. It's the perfect chaser to either of the horror movies recommended above, since it'll warm your heart right up. And if you've already seen "When Harry Met Sally," great news: it gets better with every additional rewatch. (Leaving October 31, 2021)

The Lego Batman Movie

This is it, the definitive Batman movie. Don't let people fill your head with nonsense like "The Dark Knight" or "Batman Begins" before you've experienced the overwhelming joy of "The LEGO Batman Movie." The Caped Crusader comes in all shapes and sizes now, including small, dangerous blocks for children. This hilarious, self-referential story is all about getting the Dark Knight to lighten up and make some friends. Will Arnett stars as Bruce Wayne, Zach Galifianakis is our unhinged Joker, and Michael Cera is the adorable LEGO Robin. Honestly, the cast only gets crazier from there, with names like Channing Tatum and Mariah Carey. Honestly, I shouldn't have to sell you on this — it's Batman in LEGO form. Have some fun and get onboard. (Leaving October 31, 2021)

The Human Voice

Pedro Almodovar has "Parallel Mothers" coming to theaters in the next few weeks, but in between feature films he snuck in a little something extra. "The Human Voice" is a short film from the auteur, shot in the middle of the pandemic as a mediation on solitude, self-reflection and heartbreak. Tilda Swinton is a woman watching time pass next to the suitcase of her ex-lover, waiting for his return but knowing it won't come. The film takes us through her wide range of emotions in a mere 30 minutes. If the wait for "Parallel Mothers" is starting to weigh on you, this is a great opportunity to luxuriate in Almodovar's visual flair. Also, Tilda Swinton wields an axe while having an emotional breakdown. (Leaving October 31)

TV and Movies Leaving HBO Max in October 2021

October 10:

Malignant, 2021

October 11:

Meatballs, 1979

October 14:

Meatballs, 1979

October 17:

Cry Macho, 2021

October 18:

The ABCs of Back to School: A CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall for Families, 2020

Sabrina: Magic of the Red Rose, 2015

October 20:

HBO First Look: The Eyes of Tammy Faye, 2021 (HBO)

October 25:

The Artist, 2011

October 27:

The Hangover Part III, 2013

October 28:

Tracey Ullman's Show, (HBO)

October 31:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 2012 (HBO)

A Little Princess, 1995 (HBO)

All Is Lost, 2013 (HBO)

All-Star Superman, 2011

Alpha And Omega: Journey To Bear Kingdom, 2017 (HBO)

Alpha And Omega: The Big Fureeze, 2016 (HBO)

Antwone Fisher, 2002 (HBO)

A Star Is Born, 1976

A Time To Kill, 1996

Backdraft, 1991 (HBO)

Bad Education, 2004

Bandits, 2001 (HBO)

Barefoot, 2014 (HBO)

*Batteries Not Included, 1987 (HBO)

Battleship, 2012 (HBO)

Black Dynamite, 2009

Blood And Wine, 1997 (HBO)

Broken Embraces, 2009

Cats & Dogs, 2001

Cesar Chavez, 2014 (HBO)

Chasing Amy, 1997 (HBO)

Christmas In Compton, 2012

Clerks, 1994 (HBO)

Conspiracy Theory, 1997

Cool Hand Luke, 1967

Critters 4, 1992

Darkest Hour, 2017 (HBO)

Dirt, 2017

Dirty Harry, 1971

Dreamcatcher, 2003

El Pacto (aka The Pact), 2018 (HBO)

Empire Of The Sun, 1987

Eulogy, 2004 (HBO)

Final Destination, 2000

Final Destination 2, 2003

Final Destination 3, 2006

Final Destination 5, 2011

Firewall, 2006

Flight Of The Intruder, 1991 (HBO)

Flying Leathernecks, 1951

Frantic, 1988

Freaks, 1932

Ghoulies, 1985 (HBO)

Ghoulies II, 1987 (HBO)

Gone Baby Gone, 2007

Good Morning, Vietnam, 1987 (HBO)

Gothika, 2003

Gun Crazy, 1950

High Fidelity, 2000 (HBO)

House Of Wax, 2005

How To Be A Latin Lover, 2017

How To Be Single, 2016 (HBO)

How To Make An American Quilt, 1995 (HBO)

I'm So Excited!, 2013

Ice Age: Continental Drift, 2012 (HBO)

Immigration Tango, 2011 (HBO)

Irresistible, 2020 (HBO)

It, 2017 (HBO)

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, 2001 (HBO)

Just Before I Go, 2015 (HBO)

King Kong, 1976 (HBO)

Lars And The Real Girl, 2007 (HBO)

Lego Dc Batman: Family Matters, 2019

Lego Dc Shazam: Magic And Monsters!, 2020

Long Gone By, 2019 (HBO)

Magnum Force, 1973

Man Up, 2015 (HBO)

Mccabe And Mrs. Miller, 1971

Message Erased, 2019 (HBO)

Monkey Shines, 1988 (HBO)

Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D, 2012 (HBO)

Norbit, 2007 (HBO)

One More Time, 2016 (HBO)

Pajaros De Verano (aka Birds Of Passage)2019 (HBO)

Pale Rider, 1985

Pepi, Luci, Bom Y Otras Chicas Del Monton, 1980

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, 2017

Red Dawn, 1984 (HBO)

Risky Business, 1983 (HBO)

Santa Buddies, 2009 (HBO)

Save The Last Dance, 2001 (HBO)

Save The Last Dance 2, 2006 (HBO)

School Dance, 2014 (HBO)

Serpico, 1974 (HBO)

Snow Buddies, 2008 (HBO)

Something To Talk About, 1995

Space Buddies, 2009 (HBO)

Spawn, 1997

Stand Up Guys, 2013 (HBO)

Sudden Impact, 1983

Summer Rental, 1985 (HBO)

The Bucket List, 2007

The Color Purple, 1985

The Conjuring 2, 2016

The Dead Pool, 1988

The Debt, 2011 (HBO)

The Family Man, 2000 (HBO)

The Final Destination, 2009

The Five-Year Engagement, 2012 (Alternate Version) (HBO)

The Fugitive, 1993

The Great Caruso, 1951

The Human Voice, 2020

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, 2009

The Kingdom, 2007 (HBO)

The Last Mimzy, 2007

The Lego Batman Movie, 2017

The Sand Pebbles, 1966 (HBO)

The Shack, 2017 (HBO)

The Shadow, 1994 (HBO)

The Skin I Live In, 2011

The Switch, 2010

The Tuxedo, 2002 (HBO)

The Voices, 2015 (HBO)

The Quiet Ones, 2014 (HBO)

The Witches, 1990

Thirteen Ghosts, 2001

Troy, 2004

Trust Me, 2014 (HBO)

Volver, 2006

Wait Until Dark, 1967

Westworld (Movie), 1973

When Harry Met Sally, 1989

Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown, 1988

XXX: State Of The Union, 2005