Apple's Wool Series Builds Out Its Dystopia With Rashida Jones And David Oyelowo

"Foundation" isn't the only sci-fi adaptation Apple TV+ is bringing to the small screen. The streaming service — which launched only a couple of years ago, but is getting industry recognition for shows like "Ted Lasso" — is also developing "Wool," a series based on the popular books by Hugh Howey.

We've already knew that "Wool" will star Tim Robbins and Rebecca Ferguson, the latter of whom was announced right when the show was picked up for a direct-to-series order in May. Today we've found out two more actors are on the show's roster: Rashida Jones and David Oyelowo will be joining Robbins and Ferguson in the dystopian sci-fi series.

Oyelowo and Jones as Husband and Wife

Apple's "Wool," like the source material, focuses on a small community that lives in a silo below ground. The society of the silo (which has over a hundred floors) is strictly regimented, ostensibly to keep the inhabitants safe as the air on the surface of the ruined planet is unliveable. Ferguson will star in the series as Juliette, an engineer whom the head of IT, Bernard (Robbins), thinks asks too many questions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oyelowo and Jones will play a husband and wife. Oyelowo plays Holston, the silo's sheriff, while Jones' character works in IT with Bernard. Without getting into spoiler territory, those who've read the books know that Oyelowo and Jones' characters play a part in inciting a major occurrence within the silo. Whether their story remains the same in the "Wool" TV series is unknown, of course, though it's encouraging to see such high-profile actors taking on these roles.

Jones is best known for her work on "#BlackAF," "Parks and Recreation," "The Office," and "Angie Tribeca." She's also acted in several features including Sofia Coppola's "On the Rocks." Oyelowo is known for playing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in "Selma," as well as voicing Kallus in "Star Wars: Rebels," and appearing in "The Cloverfield Paradox" and "Nightingale." He's also currently filming the U.K. version of the TV series "Call My Agent."

Morten Tyldum ("Defending Jacob") will direct the series and Graham Yost ("Justified") will serve as showrunner. "Wool" is executive produced by Tyldum, Ferguson, Yost, Howey, Remi Aubuchon, Nina Jack and Ingrid Escajeda. Though the show will stream on Apple TV+, it is produced by AMC Studios as part of a strategy to boost revenue by becoming a content-provider for other streaming platforms and networks.

There's no news yet on when "Wool" will premiere on Apple TV+.