Playmobil's Back To The Future Part III Advent Calendar Starts Thinking Fourth Dimensionally

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Last year, Playmobil released a new playset of the DeLorean time machine from "Back to the Future." Since then, they've expanded into the sequels with figures, vehicles and accessories inspired by "Back to the Future Part II." But one of the most fun Playmobil releases for the time traveling franchise was the advent calendar released before the holidays last year that included a cardboard diorama of the Hill Valley clock tower and a bunch of cool pieces to recreate some of the film's most memorable scenes. This year, Playmobil is releasing another advent calendar, and it will be packed with items inspired by "Back to the Future Part III."

Playmobil Back to the Future Part III Advent Calendar

Sadly, there's no time traveling train included in Playmobil's "Back to the Future Part III" advent calendar, but perhaps we can look forward to a full playset of that sometime down the road. We still get the Old West versions of Marty McFly (aka "Clint Eastwood") and Doc Brown, as well as their adversary in the form of Biff Tannen's great-grandfather Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen. Local schoolteacher Clara Clayton also comes in this playset, donning her purple dress and accompanied by the terrier Copernicus. Don't go looking for Doc and Clara's kids Jules and Verne, though, because they're not included.

For the collectors out there who want to display their "Back to the Future" memorabilia in a cool way, the advent calendar also includes diorama pieces that allow you to set up scenes from the movie. They're cardboard, but they'll do the trick. There's also a Playmobil-style collector's postcard inspired by the old timey photo that Marty and Doc had taken in front of the massive timepiece that sits atop the clock tower. 

However, perhaps the best part of the "Back to the Future Part III" advent calendar is that it comes with accessories that allow you to transform the DeLorean time machine playset in two different ways.

Transform the DeLorean Time Machine

First up, you can swap out the standard DeLorean tires for some of those classic 1955 white-wall tires. It's the only option when Marty decides to use the time machine to head back to 1885 to rescue Doc Brown from being stranded in the Old West. They'll be enough to get him to the past, but they won't be very useful when the DeLorean has its fuel line punctured by arrows. That's why there's another set of "tires" included for the DeLorean.

The "Back to the Future Part III" playset also includes the metal train wheel rims that Marty and Doc hook up to the DeLorean so they can use a locomotive to push it up to 88mph on the train tracks that run next to Hill Valley. For both versions of the DeLorean, there's also the extra strap-on time circuit pieces for the car's hood.

Here's the official product description for Playmobil's "Back to the Future Part III" advent calendar, available to order for $34.99

Off to the Wild West with Marty McFly and Doc Brown! Including the characters from 1955 and 1885 as well as accessories to convert the DeLorean (item no. 70317 – sold separately) for the next time travel. Bonus for real fans: exclusive diorama with four different movie locations plus collector's postcard included.

For Back to the Future fans, this pre-Christmas season will be a real blast! With the brand-new "Back to the Future III" advent calendar, movie enthusiasts can reminisce and re-enact legendary scenes of the cult film series. This time, friends Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown are transported far back to the past to the year 1885, where they not only have to deal with the rough customs of the Wild West, but also with swashbuckler Buford Tannen. Of course, local schoolteacher, and later Doc's girlfriend, Clara Clayton and terrier Copernicus may not be missing in this adventure. As a special extra, this unconventional advent calendar includes an exclusive diorama showing various movie locations and a cool collector's postcard. In addition, the DeLorean (70317 – sold separately) can be converted with the included accessories for the various time travels. With nostalgic flair and iconic details, this advent calendar brings not only PLAYMOBIL fans with full energy Back to the Future. The Wild West is waiting!