Tom Hanks And Laura Dern Will Invite You Into The New Academy Museum In TV Special

After many years of hype, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is just about to open in Los Angeles. To celebrate, ABC will be running a special that takes us inside the museum and give us an up-close look at props, costumes, and other historical cinematic artifacts, and our tour guides will be pretty spectacular, too. Tom Hanks and Laura Dern (who also happen to be on the Academy's board of directors) will host the special and they won't be alone.

A Star-Studded Supporting Cast

Basking in the Hollywood history on display alongside Hanks and Dern will be a dazzling assortment of Hollywood icons, past and present, including (Deep breath) Annette Bening, Cher, Jon M. Chu, Geena Davis, Danny Glover, Eiza González, Emily V. Gordon, Aldis Hodge, Marsai Martin, Marlee Matlin, Melissa McCarthy, Kumail Nanjiani, Michelle Rodriguez, Jurnee Smollett, and Diane Warren.

For those of you in Los Angeles, you can visit the museum yourself starting September 30, 2021, by reserving a time slot at for the low, low price of $25 per person. Children under 17 are admitted for free.

I will find myself in LA on secret business the week the Museum opens, and have already booked a time slot. I'm trying not to look up too much stuff beforehand, but I know Greg Nicotero and the geniuses over at KNB have constructed a life-sized replica of the original Bruce the shark from the making of "Jaws," and that alone is worth my twenty-five bucks.

I do know there will be an exhibit on Hayao Miyazaki as well as the massive Mount Rushmore backdrop from North by Northwest on display, but for the rest, I want to be surprised. 

Now, I'm privileged that my travel plans take me to LA to view this myself, which not everyone has the luxury of doing safely at this moment in time. That's where this ABC special comes in.

A Broad Spectrum of Cinephile Tastes

The ABC special will run for an hour and give audiences all over the world a peek inside this gorgeous-looking movie nerd museum. From "A Trip to the Moon" and "The Sound of Music" to "Star Wars," the MCU, and everything in-between, this place promises to be a haven for cinephiles of all backgrounds and tastes. Think of it as Planet Hollywood without the shitty food. 

"A Night in the Academy Museum" will air Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at 10 pm Eastern on ABC.