Halloween Kills Trailer: Michael Myers Is Back, Again

If fire or franchise continuity can't stop Michael Myers, nothing can. One of the most famous horror antagonists in genre history is back and more fearsome than ever in "Halloween Kills." Many fans thought that 2018's "Halloween" was a fitting enough end for Laurie Strode and her seemingly never-ending war with The Shape, but the announcement that filmmaker David Gordon Green would be returning to direct two more "Halloween" sequels means we're not quite done dealing with the collective trauma of the little town of Haddonfield just yet. With Spooky Season upon us, time is ticking down until "Halloween Kills" hits the big screen (and the small screen, too, thanks to the magic of day-and-date streaming). Watch the newest trailer below.

Halloween Kills Trailer

After the events of "Halloween" left Laurie Strode with the (sadly mistaken) impression that Michael Myers had finally been dispatched once and for all, "Halloween Kills" picks up immediately after the action on that fateful Halloween night. Spoiler alert: the masked villain not only survived the fiery inferno that consumed Laurie's home, but he's now angrier and more vengeance-driven than ever. /Film's Marshall Shaffer reviewed the film earlier this month when it hit the Venice Film Festival and showed that there's still plenty more juice to wring out of the franchise, calling it a departure "...from the formula to exciting and energizing effect. It's a worthy series entry that manages that tricky balance of providing enough of what long-time fans expect while also bringing a unique reflection and perspective to the well-known property."

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie, along with Judy Greer as her daughter Karen Nelson and Andi Matichak as Allyson Nelson, Laurie's granddaughter. They'll be joined by a few familiar characters making their grand return from John Carpenter's 1978 original: Charles Cyphers as Leigh Brackett, Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle, Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, and Nancy Stephens as Marion Chambers. The sequel also stars Will Patton and Robert Longstreet.

"Halloween Kills" slashes its way into theaters and on NBCUniversal's streaming service, Peacock, on October 15, 2021.

Minutes after Laurie Strode (Curtis), her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) left masked monster Michael Myers caged and burning in Laurie's basement, Laurie is rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, believing she finally killed her lifelong tormentor. But when Michael manages to free himself from Laurie's trap, his ritual bloodbath resumes. As Laurie fights her pain and prepares to defend herself against him, she inspires all of Haddonfield to rise up against their unstoppable monster. The Strode women join a group of other survivors of Michael's first rampage who decide to take matters into their own hands, forming a vigilante mob that sets out to hunt Michael down, once and for all. Evil dies tonight.