Lost Boys Remake In The Works With It And Quiet Place Stars

One thing about Hollywood I could never stomach: all the damn remakes. 

Okay, so that's not totally true, but it was too good of an opportunity to rephrase that great line from "The Lost Boys" in a story about a pending remake of that very movie.

Truth is that there's a surprisingly solid trend of strong genre remakes. "The Blob," "The Fly," and John Carpenter's "The Thing" were all remakes that eclipsed the originals, and we even got a damn good remake of another solid '80s vampire flick a while back when Craig Gillespie remade "Fright Night" with Anton Yelchin and Colin Farrell. Yes, we've seen a lot of really crappy remakes as well (looking at you, "The Fog"). But they didn't tarnish the originals, so I'm definitely team remake, especially if you can do something fun with the new version and bring in a ton of fresh talent to do it.

And that looks to be exactly what's in the cards with "The Lost Boys."

The Details

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop announcing the new project and the primary cast, which has two young genre stars leading the pack. Jaeden Martell, who starred as Bill Denbrough in "It," is one of the leads and Noah Jupe, from the "Quiet Place" films, is also on board.

Jonathan Entwistle ("The End of the F***ing World" and "I Am Not Okay With This") will direct from a script by Randy McKinnon, who has recently been working on DC's "Static Shock." 

That's all the info from THR. No word on who the two young stars are going to play or how they're reframing the original movie. So you know what that means! 

It's Speculation Time!

If you've seen any recent pictures of Noah Jupe you'd see he's grown up quite a bit from when he filmed "A Quiet Place 2," which makes sense because of the pandemic pause that movie was caught up in and, you know, puberty. 

I could easily see him in the big brother role that Jason Patric played in the original. Martell is perfect for the Corey Haim role from the original, so I'm pretty convinced that's what he's gonna be doing in this remake. 

I guess the real question is: What does a modern take on "The Lost Boys" look like?

The original is so unapologetically of its time that the '80s aesthetic is just part of its DNA. It's doubly weird for me because I was an '80s kid that grew up not far from Santa Cruz, which is where most of the movie was shot. I spent many a weekend at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which is featured prominently in this movie (and in Jordan Peele's "Us" as well). 

I remember that time and fashion. It was obviously exaggerated for the movie (it was directed by Joel Schumacher, after all, and he wasn't known for his restraint), but it wasn't all that far off. Part of the dirty, grimy 1980s is there in that original film, and a huge amount of the fun of the movie is rooted in that feel. I personally think it'd be a mistake to make this another period piece to recapture that, but I also acknowledge it's a huge challenge to translate that very specific mixture of fun and creepiness to modern day. 

But, that's someone else's problem, isn't it? I can say that I'm a big fan of both the young actors they've cast so far (in fact, I think Jupe was robbed of an Oscar nom for his performance in "Honey Boy"), and seeing them play around in this sandbox is gonna be fun. 

Now I just need to start a petition to get Channing Tatum cast as Oiled Up Musclebound Saxophone Player and we'll be good to go!