Watch Daniel Craig's Moving Speech After Wrapping No Time To Die

Much has been made about Daniel Craig's love/hate relationship with being James Bond. Curiously, very little of the scuttlebutt going around seems to originate from anything Craig has said in earnest. It's got to be a taxing role to return to time after time, but you can tell that Craig's still invested in the character. It's real easy to see when a big star checks out (lookin' at you, Bruce Willis) and no matter what you may think of the quality of any of his movies, Craig is always making the most of it.

The actor's emotional connection to the character and the crew that makes it all possible has been revealed in a newly released bit of behind the scenes footage of Craig giving a speech at the wrap of production on "No Time To Die," where a tearful Craig addresses his co-workers at the end of their long journey together.

The footage of the wrap speech comes from the Apple TV doc called "Being James Bond" which dropped a while back, but now the touching speech is available to be watched in this cozy, bite-sized internet friendly morsel!

"One of the Greatest Honors of my Life"

In my time on the film reporter beat I've been lucky enough to have been present at a few wrap speeches and they're always emotionally raw. Even on contentious sets, the last day of photography is going to be heavy because making a movie is pretty intimate process. Hard and fast connections are made with the cast and crew and it suddenly feels like the end of a school year and you know half your friends are moving away forever.

It's lovely to see Craig so open and humble and vulnerable with his colleagues. I think it's easy to forget what an enormous undertaking any movie is, let alone a massive action spectacular like a Bond movie, and just how many people it takes to make the star look badass. Craig obviously knows it's not a one-man show and his speech gives a lot of love to those around him that keep Bond looking cool no matter what scenario the man inside the tux is facing.

I don't know about you guys, but it's crazy to think that this final Bond flick is the last time we'll see Craig as the character. An era is concluding with the release of "No Time To Die" and it's nice that we have a touching send-off from 007 himself.