Where The Fore Are We? Will Reunite Wet Hot American Summer Folks For A New Musical

Director David Wain and actress Elizabeth Banks have worked together several times over the years. After first collaborating on the cult classic camp comedy "Wet Hot American Summer," the two reunited on the series "Wainy Days" and Universal's "Role Models." But for the first time ever, Wain and Banks will be working together behind the scenes for a new musical comedy called "Where the Fore Are We?" at Amazon Studios, and it sounds perfectly ludicrous.

A Plane Crash Landing Gets Musical

Variety has the news on "Where the Fore Are We?" and here's the official synopsis:

After a crash landing leaves the passengers and crew of a commercial flight stranded for three months, the film follows members of this makeshift community who begin to put together a production of a Shakespearean play to keep themselves occupied, despite their captain trying to focus them on getting rescued.

That sounds fantastically fit for the kind of comedy that David Wain has tackled over the years. Along with "Wet Hot American Summer" and the prequel/sequel shows that followed on Netflix, Wain has also made waves with the likes of "Role Models," "Wanderlust," and "A Futile and Stupid Gesture." But he's also well known for his collaborations with writer/director Michael Showalter on the likes of "They Came Together" and their TV comedy exploits such as "The State" sketch series and "Michael & Michael Have Issues," alongside their "Stella" sketch comedy cohort Michael Ian Black. Having those comedic sensibilities combined with a feature length musical sounds great to me.

As for Banks, the past decade has seen her break out as a producer, starting with the "Pitch Perfect" franchise, for which she also directed the second installment (for better or worse). Banks also directed and produced the reboot of "Charlie's Angels" on the big screen and served as an executive producer on Aidy Bryant's Hulu series "Shrill." She also has an exciting new thriller called "Cocaine Bear" in the works, which she will direct and produce. It sounds like "Where the Fore Are We?" will have her only producing alongside her husband and producing partner Max Handelman by way of their Brownstone Productions, but maybe she'll end up having a role in the movie too.

"Where the Fore Are We?" will surely utilize Wain's penchant for absurd comedy, especially since he co-wrote the script with comedy duo Zach Reino and Jess McKenna, of the podcast "Off Book." Hopefully many of Wain's frequent collaborators from over the years, such as Paul Rudd, Ken Marino, Kerri Kenney, and Joe Lo Truglio, will join in too. After all, a crash landed plane offers quite the opportunity to have a hilarious ensemble cast come together, and Wain has excelled at that for years now.